descriptionnotmuch - thread-based email index, search and tagging.
ownerCarl Worth
last changeMon, 23 Nov 2015 12:40:40 +0000 (08:40 -0400)
47 hours ago David BremnerMerge branch 'release' master
47 hours ago Mark Waltersemacs: poll: return useful errors when poll fails. release
47 hours ago Mark Waltersemacs: hello: fix accidental modification of widget...
47 hours ago Steven Allenforbid atomic transactions on writable, upgradable...
47 hours ago Tomi Ollilaemacs/Makefile.local: notmuch-lib.elc depend on notmuch...
2 days ago David Bremnertest: add sanity tests for threading
4 days ago Tomi Ollilaemacs: notmuch-show-view-raw-message clears buffer...
6 days ago Daniel Schoepetest: Tests for combining --batch and --remove-all
6 days ago Daniel Schoepecli: Allow combining --remove-all and --batch
6 days ago Jani Nikulacli: content disposition values are not case-sensitive
6 days ago Jani Nikulalib: content disposition values are not case-sensitive
6 days ago David Bremnertests: add test for case insensitive Content-Disposition
6 days ago Tomi Ollilanotmuch-emacs-mua: set EMACS{,CLIENT} variables to...
6 days ago Tomi Olliladevel/release-checks: added checking of copyright year...
6 days ago David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
10 days ago David Bremnerdebian: another upload to work around gdb bugs debian/0.21-3
6 days ago debian/0.21-3 uploaded to unstable
12 days ago debian/0.21-2 debian specific workarounds, upload...
3 weeks ago debian/0.21-1 notmuch Debian 0.21-1 upload (same...
3 weeks ago 0.21 notmuch 0.21 release
4 weeks ago debian/0.21_rc3-3 uploaded to experimental
4 weeks ago debian/0.21_rc3-2 uploaded to experimental
4 weeks ago debian/0.21_rc3-1 notmuch Debian 0.21~rc3-1 upload...
4 weeks ago 0.21_rc3 notmuch 0.21~rc3 release
5 weeks ago debian/0.21_rc2-1 notmuch Debian 0.21~rc2-1 upload...
5 weeks ago 0.21_rc2 notmuch 0.21~rc2 release
5 weeks ago 0.21_rc1 notmuch 0.21~rc1 release
5 weeks ago 0.21_rc0 initial release candidate for 0.21
8 weeks ago debian/0.20.2-2 uploaded to unstable
4 months ago debian/0.20.2-1 notmuch Debian 0.20.2-1 upload...
4 months ago 0.20.2 notmuch 0.20.2 release
5 months ago 0.20.1 notmuch 0.20.1 release
47 hours ago master
47 hours ago release
3 weeks ago pristine-tar
3 months ago revision-tracking
14 months ago wheezy-backports
2 years ago squeeze-backports
5 years ago 0.3.x
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