descriptionnotmuch - thread-based email index, search and tagging.
ownerCarl Worth
last changeSun, 25 Jan 2015 17:39:13 +0000
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Support cid: references with shr renderer master
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Rewrite content ID handling
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Use generalized content caching in w3m CID code
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Support caching in notmuch-get-bodypart-{binary...
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Return unibyte strings for binary part data
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Remove broken `notmuch-get-bodypart-content...
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Create an API for fetching parts as undecoded...
4 days ago Austin Clementsemacs: Track full message and part descriptor in w3m...
4 days ago David Bremnerdoc: add details about Xapian search syntax
5 days ago David Bremnerdoc: gzipped notmuch.3 before trying to install notmuch...
6 days ago ToddUpdate documentation
6 days ago ToddUpdate completions for Emacs and bash
6 days ago ToddAdd indexing for the mimetype term
6 days ago ToddAdd the NOTMUCH_FEATURE_INDEXED_MIMETYPES database...
6 days ago Toddtest: Add failing unit tests for indexed mime types
6 days ago David Bremneremacs: escape % in header line format
2 months ago debian/0.19-1 notmuch Debian 0.19-1 upload (same...
2 months ago 0.19 notmuch 0.19 release
2 months ago debian/0.19_rc2-1 notmuch Debian 0.19~rc2-1 upload...
2 months ago 0.19_rc2 notmuch 0.19~rc2 release
2 months ago debian/0.19_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.19~rc1-1 upload...
2 months ago 0.19_rc1 notmuch 0.19~rc1 release
3 months ago 0.18.2 notmuch 0.18.2 release
3 months ago debian/0.18.2_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.18.2~rc1-1 upload...
3 months ago 0.18.2_rc1 notmuch 0.18.2~rc1 release
4 months ago debian/0.18.1-2_bpo70+1 uploaded to wheezy backports
5 months ago debian/0.18.1-2 uploaded to Debian unstable
7 months ago debian/0.18.1-1 notmuch Debian 0.18.1-1 upload...
7 months ago 0.18.1 notmuch 0.18.1 release
8 months ago 0.18 notmuch 0.18 release
8 months ago debian/0.18_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.18~rc1-1 upload...
8 months ago 0.18_rc1 notmuch 0.18~rc1 release
4 days ago master
2 months ago release
4 months ago wheezy-backports
5 months ago pristine-tar
23 months ago squeeze-backports
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