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last changeSun, 21 Sep 2014 19:12:52 +0000
39 hours ago David Bremnertest/emacs: globally force the html renderer to html2text master
3 days ago David Bremnerdebian: re-enable atomicity test on arm64
6 days ago David Bremnerdebian: bump SONAME
6 days ago David Bremnerpython: bump SONAME
6 days ago Peter Wangcli: refactor insert
6 days ago Peter Wangruby: handle return status of database close
6 days ago Peter Wanggo: add return status to database close method
6 days ago Peter Wangpython: handle return status of database close and...
6 days ago Peter Wanglib: bump soname
10 days ago David Bremnertest: simplify T360-symbol-hiding, use nm instead of...
10 days ago Gaute Hopenotmuch_thread_get_authors: document match grouping...
2014-09-07 Mark Waltersemacs: jump: sort-order bugfix
2014-09-07 Austin Clementscli: Be more helpful when .notmuch-config does not...
2014-09-02 Tomi Olliladoc: 'rm -f' potential doxygen temporary output file
2014-09-02 Austin Clementslib: Fix endless upgrade problem
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Update doc of notmuch_database_{needs_upgrade...
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4 months ago 0.18_rc1 notmuch 0.18~rc1 release
5 months ago debian/0.18_rc0-1 notmuch Debian 0.18~rc0-1 upload...
5 months ago 0.18_rc0 notmuch 0.18~rc0 release
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8 months ago debian/0.17-2 uploaded to unstable
8 months ago debian/0.17-1 notmuch Debian 0.17-1 upload (same...
8 months ago 0.17 notmuch 0.17 release
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9 months ago debian/0.17_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.17~rc1-1 upload...
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