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5 days ago Tomi OllilaNEWS & doc: typing fixes master
6 days ago David BremnerMerge tag '0.19'
7 days ago David Bremnerdebian: update debian/NEWS and debian/changelog release 0.19
7 days ago David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.19
7 days ago David BremnerNEWS: deprecate notmuch deliver
7 days ago David BremnerNEWS: add short overview section
8 days ago markwalters1009... News for mark read handling
8 days ago Michal Sojkadoc: Minor fixes related to notmuch-address
8 days ago Michal SojkaNEWS: notmuch address
10 days ago Jani NikulaNEWS: functions in emacs notmuch-show-stash-mlarchive...
10 days ago Jani NikulaNEWS: notmuch insert, search updates
11 days ago Austin ClementsNEWS: Database version 3, API improvements, and ghost...
12 days ago David Bremnerdebian: bump standards version 0.19_rc2 debian/0.19_rc2-1
12 days ago David Bremnerbump version to 0.19~rc2
12 days ago Mark Waltersemacs: show: document the mark unread defcustom function
12 days ago Tomi Ollilacli: notmuch address option defaults update
7 days ago 0.19 notmuch 0.19 release
12 days ago debian/0.19_rc2-1 notmuch Debian 0.19~rc2-1 upload...
12 days ago 0.19_rc2 notmuch 0.19~rc2 release
2 weeks ago debian/0.19_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.19~rc1-1 upload...
2 weeks ago 0.19_rc1 notmuch 0.19~rc1 release
3 weeks ago 0.18.2 notmuch 0.18.2 release
3 weeks ago debian/0.18.2_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.18.2~rc1-1 upload...
3 weeks ago 0.18.2_rc1 notmuch 0.18.2~rc1 release
2 months ago debian/0.18.1-2_bpo70+1 uploaded to wheezy backports
3 months ago debian/0.18.1-2 uploaded to Debian unstable
4 months ago debian/0.18.1-1 notmuch Debian 0.18.1-1 upload...
4 months ago 0.18.1 notmuch 0.18.1 release
6 months ago 0.18 notmuch 0.18 release
6 months ago debian/0.18_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.18~rc1-1 upload...
6 months ago 0.18_rc1 notmuch 0.18~rc1 release
7 months ago debian/0.18_rc0-1 notmuch Debian 0.18~rc0-1 upload...
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