Move read-only-archive hint from "notmuch setup" to "notmuch new"
[notmuch] / notmuch-private.h
2009-10-25 Carl WorthDrop the storage of thread ID(s) in a value.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthImplement notmuch_tags_t on top of new notmuch_terms_t
2009-10-25 Carl WorthShuffle the value numbers around in the database.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_database_set_timestamp and notmuch_database...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthdatabase: Add private find_unique_doc_id and find_uniqu...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthsha1: Add new notmuch_sha1_of_string function
2009-10-23 Carl Worthadd_message: Fix to not add multiple documents with...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd _notmuch_message_create_for_message_id
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd internal functions for manipulating a new notmuch_m...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthMove thread_id generation code from to...
2009-10-22 Carl WorthGenerate message ID (using SHA1) when a mail message...
2009-10-22 Carl WorthMerge branch from fixing up bugs after bisecting.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_message_add_tag and notmuch_message_remove_tag
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch-private.h: Move NOTMUCH_BEGIN_DECLS earlier
2009-10-21 Carl Worthdatabase: Add new notmuch_database_find_message
2009-10-21 Carl WorthRename NOTMUCH_MAX_TERM to NOTMUCH_TERM_MAX
2009-10-21 Carl WorthMove find_prefix function from to
2009-10-21 Carl WorthMove declarations for xutil.c from notmuch-private...
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch dump: Fix the sorting of results.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthImplement 'notmuch dump'.
2009-10-20 Carl WorthRename private notmuch_message_t to notmuch_message_file_t
2009-10-20 Carl WorthProtect definition of _GNU_SOURCE.
2009-10-19 Carl WorthRework message parsing to use getline rather than mmap.
2009-10-19 Carl Worthnotmuch: Switch from gmime to custom, ad-hoc parsing...
2009-10-19 Carl Worthnotmuch: Start actually adding messages to the index.