test: suppress diff for broken test without V=1
[notmuch] / test / Makefile.local
2017-03-09 Jani Nikulatest: suppress diff for broken test without V=1
2017-03-01 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-02-28 David BremnerMerge tag '0.23.6'
2017-02-23 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-02-21 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-01-09 David BremnerMerge tag '0.23.5'
2017-01-08 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2016-12-28 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2016-12-15 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2016-12-07 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2016-12-03 David Bremnertest: clean up corpora.email
2016-09-09 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2016-07-19 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2016-05-25 David BremnerCLI: add notmuch-config support for named queries
2016-04-15 David Bremnertest: add test-binary to print the number of ghost...
2016-02-13 David Bremnertest: fix typo in informational message
2015-09-26 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2015-09-25 Tomi Ollilamake test: NOTMUCH_TEST_QUIET=1 is now the default
2014-10-31 Jani Nikulatest: use LDFLAGS in test/Makefile.local
2014-10-25 David BremnerMerge tag '0.18.2'
2014-10-25 David BremnerMerge tag '0.18.2_rc1'
2014-08-30 Austin Clementstest: Tool to build DB with specific version and features
2014-08-09 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.18.1-2'
2014-08-06 Austin Clementstest: Include generated dependencies for test sources
2014-07-13 Jani Nikulatest: use sh.config for configuration
2014-05-17 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2014-05-17 Charles Celeriertest/Makefile.local: Added configured TALLOC_LDFLAGS.
2014-03-26 Jani Nikulatest: conditionally test help system depending on confi...
2014-03-25 Jani Nikulatest: conditionally test compact depending on configure...
2014-03-25 David Bremnertest: use $(srcdir) instead of . as include path
2014-03-09 David Bremnertest: don't use $(dir) in recipes.
2014-03-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-5'
2014-02-26 Austin Clementstest: Simplify CLEAN list construction
2013-08-15 Austin Clementstest: Make symbol-test depend on libnotmuch.so
2012-12-06 Peter FeiglChanging build tool for test/random-corpus to CXX inste...
2012-12-02 David Bremnertest: add generator for random "stub" messages
2012-12-02 David Bremnertest: add database routines for testing
2012-12-02 David Bremnertest/hex-xcode: new test binary
2012-10-31 Jani Nikulatest: add new test tool parse-time for date/time parser
2012-09-02 Mike Kellytest/Makefile.local: Use $(XAPIAN_LDFLAGS) for symbol...
2012-08-03 David Bremnerbuild system: remove directories created by tests in...
2012-02-04 David BremnerMerge commit '0.11.1'
2012-01-19 Austin ClementsFix dependency generation for compat, test, and util
2011-12-18 Thomas JostFix build with binutils-2.22
2011-12-09 David Bremnertest: tests for command-line-arguments.c
2011-12-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-12-06 David Bremnertest: add test-binaries target
2011-11-27 Amadeusz ŻołnowskiBuild symbol-test with make instead of hardcoding in...
2011-11-27 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-11-26 David Bremnerbuild system: clean up object files in ./test and ...
2011-05-18 Carl Worthtest: Link to compat files when building program during...
2010-11-08 Carl WorthMerge in ruby bindings.
2010-11-06 Carl WorthMakefile: Support "make check" as alias for "make test"
2010-10-27 Carl Worthtest: Add test that emacs interface actually sends...
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest/README: Update to become notmuch-specific rather...
2010-09-17 Carl Worthtest: Fix test suite to integrate with our non-recursiv...