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2010-03-16 Sebastian Spaethsome more stubs
2010-03-16 Sebastian Spaethnonfunctional changes in notmuch stub
2010-03-16 Sebastian Spaethadd notmuch stub that will allow me to run the notmuch...
2010-03-16 Sebastian SpaethFind the notmuch shared lib rather than hardode a location
2010-03-16 Sebastian SpaethImplement Message(), Database.find_message(), Database...
2010-03-15 Sebastian Spaethimprove README example session to reflect reality
2010-03-15 Sebastian SpaethTags: clarify documentation: we can only iterate once...
2010-03-15 Sebastian Spaethinitial revision. See README for what works
2010-03-16 Sebastian SpaethCOPYING: add GPL v3+