2017-11-05 Jani Nikulacli/crypto: fix segfault on failed gmime2 crypto contex...
2017-09-12 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.25.1-1 0.25.1
2017-09-12 David BremnerNEWS: news entry for 0.25.1
2017-09-12 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.25.1
2017-09-12 Jani Nikulaemacs: override enriched-decode-display-prop for text...
2017-08-17 David Bremnerdebian: start changelog for next debian upload
2017-08-17 Daniel Kahn... do not use bullets in debian/NEWS
2017-08-17 Daniel Kahn... remove obsolete lintian-override (see https://bugs...
2017-08-15 David Bremnerdebian: actually stop shipping 50notmuch.el debian/0.25-6
2017-08-10 David Bremnerdebian upload 0.25-5 debian/0.25-5
2017-08-04 David Bremnerdebian: upload 0.25-4 debian/0.25-4
2017-08-03 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.25-3 debian/0.25-3
2017-08-03 David Bremnerdebian: add maintainer scripts to remove old startup...
2017-07-26 David Bremnerdebian: update gmime dependencies debian/0.25-2
2017-07-25 David Bremnerdebian: add changelog entry for 0.25 0.25 debian/0.25-1
2017-07-25 David BremnerNEWS: set date
2017-07-25 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.25
2017-07-25 David BremnerNEWS: formatting fixups
2017-07-25 Tomi OllilaNEWS for release 0.25: Emacs: support for stashing...
2017-07-18 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.25~rc1-2 debian/0.25_rc1-2
2017-07-18 David Bremnerdebian: finalize changelog for 0.25~rc1-1 0.25_rc1 debian/0.25_rc1-1
2017-07-18 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.25~rc1
2017-07-18 David Bremnerdebian: allow emacs25 as a build depend
2017-07-18 David Bremneremacs: convert remaining format-versions from 3 to 4
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... fix the generated documentation output
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... Fix orthography
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... use modern debian/copyright
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... avoid false lintian warning about "iff"
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... resolve lintian tag debhelper-but-no-misc-depends notmu...
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... fix Python capitalization
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... explicitly mark notmuch-emacs as transitional
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... Bump standards version to 4.0.0 (no changes needed)
2017-07-18 Daniel Kahn... Drop duplicate Section header for notmuch-vim
2017-07-18 David BremnerNEWS: drop redundant mention of dump fix
2017-07-17 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.25_rc0-2'
2017-07-17 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.25~rc0-2 debian/0.25_rc0-2
2017-07-17 David Bremnerutil: make g_mime_utils_header_decode_date_unix match...
2017-07-17 David BremnerNEWS: Initial writeup for my contributions to 0.25
2017-07-16 David BremnerMerge tag '0.25_rc0'
2017-07-16 David Bremnerdebian: note two closed bugs in changelog 0.25_rc0 debian/0.25_rc0-1
2017-07-16 David Bremnerdebian: don't create obsolete bash completion dir
2017-07-16 David Bremnerdebian: set distribution to experimental, finalize...
2017-07-16 David Bremnerdebian: add more c++ gunk to symbols file
2017-07-16 David Bremnerdebian: bump changelog version, mention SONAME bump
2017-07-16 David BremnerNEWS: start entry for 0.25
2017-07-16 David Bremnerversion: bump version to 0.25~rc0
2017-07-16 David Bremnercrypto: clean up unused definitions in gmime 3.0
2017-07-16 David Bremnercrypto: Avoid explicit handling of GMimeCryptoContext...
2017-07-16 David Bremnercli/crypto: eliminated compiler warnings about unused...
2017-07-16 David Bremnercli/crypto: treat failure to create a crypto context...
2017-07-15 David Bremneremacs: change default for notmuch-crypto-process-mime...
2017-07-15 Tomi OllilaNEWS: a few formatting updates for 0.24 news items...
2017-07-15 Daniel Kahn... clean up use of constants in g_mime_multipart_ wrappers
2017-07-15 Daniel Kahn... config: deprecate/drop crypto.gpg_path under gmime...
2017-07-15 Daniel Kahn... Add additional munged reply-to tests
2017-07-15 Daniel Kahn... Ensure that "notmuch reply" succeeds during testing.
2017-07-15 David Bremnercli: wrap getting uid
2017-07-15 David Bremnercli: make keyid from fingerprint in gmime 3.0
2017-07-15 David Bremnerlib: paper over allocation difference
2017-07-15 David Bremnerlib: add version of _n_m_f_get_combinded_header for...
2017-07-15 David Bremnerlib: refactor _notmuch_messsage_file_get_combined_header
2017-07-15 David Bremnerlib: wrap use of g_mime_utils_header_decode_date
2017-07-15 David Bremnercli: hide rename of GMimeCertificateTrust
2017-07-15 David Bremnercli: generalize use of GMIME_SIGNATURE_{ERROR,STATUS...
2017-07-14 David Bremnerutil: fake gmime-2.6 compatible API for gmime-3.0
2017-07-14 David Bremnercli: replace use of g_mime_message_get_recipients
2017-07-14 David Bremnerlib/cli: replace use of g_mime_message_get_sender
2017-07-14 David Bremnercli: replace use of g_mime_message_get_reply_to
2017-07-14 David Bremnercli: replace use of g_mime_message_get_date_as_string
2017-07-14 David Bremnertest/crypto: mark extra space in userid as a bug in...
2017-07-12 David Bremnercli: add space separator for keyword, string, and int...
2017-07-12 David Bremnercli: change api of parse_option
2017-07-12 David Bremnercli/show: convert keyword options to booleans
2017-07-11 Kyle Meyeremacs: tree: drop repeated "of" from docstring
2017-07-06 David Bremnerdebian: drop notmuch-dbg
2017-07-05 David Bremnertest/crypto: add test for corrupted signatures
2017-07-05 David Bremnertest: add test for modified pgp/mime signed message
2017-07-05 David Bremnertest: mark test as broken in gmime 3.0
2017-07-05 David Bremnertest: mark inclusion of headers as broken in gmime-2.x
2017-07-05 David Bremnertest/multipart: reorganize creation of multipart message
2017-07-04 David Bremnercli: implement structured output version 4
2017-07-04 David Bremnerdevel/schemata: describe version 4
2017-07-04 David Bremneremacs: convert to use format-version 3
2017-07-04 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-07-02 David Bremnerdebian: upload 0.24.2-2 debian/0.24.2-2
2017-07-02 David BremnerMerge branch 'debian'
2017-07-01 David Bremnerlib/index: add simple html filter
2017-07-01 David Bremnerlib/ generalize filter state machine
2017-07-01 David Bremnerlib/index: separate state table definition from scanner.
2017-07-01 David Bremnerlib/index: generalize name of indexing filter
2017-06-30 Tom HintonFix minor mistake where indentation width is ignored
2017-06-30 Damien CassouAdd indentation to imenu in notmuch-show
2017-06-25 Piotr Trojanekremove extra space in Emacs prompt
2017-06-25 Piotr Trojanekfix wrong printf formatting of signed/unsigned integers
2017-06-25 Piotr Trojanekremove ineffective assignments
2017-06-25 Piotr Trojanekfix leaks due to missing invocations of va_end
2017-06-25 Piotr Trojanekminor whitespace cleanups
2017-06-14 Damien CassouAdd Emacs' imenu support in notmuch-show and notmuch...
2017-06-01 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-06-01 David Bremnerfixup! NEWS: news for 0.24.2 0.24.2 debian/0.24.2-1