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ownerCarl Worth
last changeSun, 17 Sep 2017 23:01:19 +0000 (20:01 -0300)
4 days ago Daniel Kahn... lib: index the content-type of the parts of encrypted... master
4 days ago Jani Nikulalib: index the content type of signature parts
4 days ago Jani Nikulatest: signed and encrypted part content type indexing
4 days ago Jani Nikulalib: abstract content type indexing
4 days ago David Bremnerdebian: update gitignore
9 days ago Jani Nikulacli/new: abstract special directory check
9 days ago Jani Nikulacli/new: use the same style for fs entry loops
9 days ago Jani Nikulabuild: fix out-of-tree builds, again
9 days ago David Bremneremacs/address: use member instead of memq to check...
9 days ago Gaute Hopepython: deprecated add_message calls index_file correct...
10 days ago David BremnerMerge tag '0.25.1'
10 days ago David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.25.1-1 release 0.25.1
10 days ago David BremnerNEWS: news entry for 0.25.1
10 days ago David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.25.1
10 days ago Jani Nikulaemacs: override enriched-decode-display-prop for text...
2017-09-06 Daniel Kahn... fix documentation bug (leading quotes break documentation)
10 days ago 0.25.1 notmuch 0.25.1 release
3 weeks ago debian/0.25-6_bpo9+1 uploaded to stretch backports
5 weeks ago debian/0.25-6 uploaded to unstable
6 weeks ago debian/0.25-5 uploaded to unstable
6 weeks ago debian/0.25-4 uploaded to unstable
7 weeks ago debian/0.25-3 uploaded to unstable
7 weeks ago debian/0.25-2 uploaded to unstable
8 weeks ago debian/0.25-1 notmuch Debian 0.25-1 upload (same...
8 weeks ago 0.25 notmuch 0.25 release
2 months ago debian/0.25_rc1-2 uploaded to unstable
2 months ago debian/0.25_rc1-1 notmuch Debian 0.25~rc1-1 upload...
2 months ago 0.25_rc1 notmuch 0.25~rc1 release
2 months ago debian/0.25_rc0-2 uploaded to experimental
2 months ago debian/0.25_rc0-1 notmuch Debian 0.25~rc0-1 upload...
2 months ago 0.25_rc0 notmuch 0.25~rc0 release
2 months ago debian/0.24.2-2 uploaded to unstable
4 days ago master
10 days ago pristine-tar
10 days ago release
3 weeks ago debian/stretch-backports
5 months ago debian/stretch
6 months ago debian/jessie-backports
17 months ago thread-fix
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4 years ago debian/squeeze-backports
7 years ago attic/0.3.x
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