6 days ago David BremnerCLI: rename notmuch_config_t to notmuch_conffile_t master next
6 days ago David BremnerCLI: drop notmuch_config_t from subcommand interface.
6 days ago David BremnerCLI/config: remove calls to notmuch_config_open from...
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: support set/get with split configuration
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib: provide notmuch_config_path
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI+lib: detect missing database in split configurations.
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib: add NOTMUCH_STATUS_NO_DATABASE
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: default to storing all config in external...
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: drop cached data from notmuch_config_t
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: drop obsolete notmuch_config_get_*
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/notmuch: switch notmuch_command to notmuch_config_get
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: use notmuch_database_reopen
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: migrate notmuch_config_open to new config
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: switch "notmuch config list" to merged...
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/setup: switch to new configuration framework
2021-03-27 David Bremnertest/setup: check file output instead of notmuch config...
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI/config: use merged config for "config get"
2021-03-27 David BremnerCLI: load merged config at top level
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/open: canonicalize relative path read from config...
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/config: set default for primary user email
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/config: set defaults for user full name
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/config: add config_pairs iterators
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/config: add notmuch_config_get_values_string
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib: provide notmuch_database_load_config
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/open: pull _load_key_file out of _choose_database_path
2021-03-27 David Bremnertest: convert random-corpus to use n_d_open_with_config
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib: add missing status strings
2021-03-27 David Bremnerlib/open: fix leaks calling _trial_open
2021-03-20 David BremnerCLI/new: use configuration variable for backup directory
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/config: add configuration variable for backup directory
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: fix hook directory calculation in split confi...
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/compact: enable split config
2021-03-20 David BremnerCLI/insert: support split database and mail root
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: support XDG_DATA_HOME as a fallback database...
2021-03-20 David BremnerCLI/new: support split database and mail location
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: check for split configuration when creating...
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib: support splitting mail from database location.
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: Use check for existing database by trial...
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: use _finish_open in n_d_create_with_config
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: factor out the second half of n_d_open_with_c...
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: reuse directory checks from n_d_c_with_config
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: factor out library initialization
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib: remove "path" from notmuch struct
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: allocate notmuch_t struct early
2021-03-20 David Bremnerlib/open: support NOTMUCH_DATABASE environment variable
2021-03-20 David BremnerCLI/show: complete conversion to new configuration...
2021-03-19 David BremnerCLI/new: drop the write lock to run the pre-new hook.
2021-03-19 David Bremnertest: Add tests for write access to database from hooks.
2021-03-18 David Bremnerlib: support reopening databases for write access.
2021-03-18 David Bremnerlib: save path of xapian database in notmuch struct.
2021-03-18 David Bremnerlib: publish API for notmuch_database_reopen
2021-03-18 David Bremnertest/setup: add check for config exists, but no database.
2021-03-18 David Bremnertest: add known broken test for long directory bug
2021-03-13 David Bremnerlib/open: free GKeyFile
2021-03-13 David Bremnerlib/config: free memory from traversing GKeyFile
2021-03-13 David Bremnerlib/open: free value from g_key_file_get_value
2021-03-13 David Bremnerlib/open: use local talloc context in n_d_create_with_c...
2021-03-13 uncrustifycli: run uncrustify
2021-03-13 uncrustifytest: run uncrustify
2021-03-13 uncrustifyutil: run uncrustify
2021-03-13 uncrustifylib: run uncrustify
2021-03-12 David Bremnertest: clean up some extra whitespace.
2021-03-12 Tomi Ollilatest: fix work directory location
2021-03-12 David Bremnerdevel/uncrustify: add line length limits.
2021-02-18 David BremnerMerge tag '0.31.4'
2021-02-18 David Bremnerdebian: drop patches release 0.31.4 archive/debian/0.31.4-1 debian/0.31.4-1
2021-02-18 David Bremnerdoc: bump copyright year
2021-02-18 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.31.4-1
2021-02-18 David BremnerNEWS: news for 0.31.4
2021-02-18 David Bremnerversion: update to 0.31.4
2021-02-18 David Bremnertest: Fix race condition in
2021-02-15 David Bremnerfix build failure with glib 2.67
2021-02-15 Daniel Kahn... python: convert shebangs to python3
2021-02-15 David Bremnerlib: use a stricter unused macro
2021-02-15 David Bremnerlib/open: remove incorrect unused attribute
2021-02-07 David Bremnerlib: add missing private status values.
2021-02-06 David Bremnerdoc: describe new config framework
2021-02-06 David BremnerCLI: use configured hook directory
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib/open: set HOOK_DIR on open
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib/config: add HOOK_DIR
2021-02-06 David Bremnercli/new: convert to new config framework
2021-02-06 David Bremnercli/new: refactor database upgrade code
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib: introduce notmuch_database_create_with_config
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib: add NOTMUCH_STATUS_DATABASE_EXISTS
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib/database: move n_d_create* to
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib: add NOTMUCH_STATUS_NO_CONFIG
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib/open: factor out choosing database path
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib/config: add NOTMUCH_CONFIG_NEW_IGNORE
2021-02-06 David Bremnerbindings/notmuch2: add missing crypto error status...
2021-02-06 David Bremnercli/compact: convert to new configuration framework
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib: split notmuch_database_compact
2021-02-06 David Bremnerlib/config: add _notmuch_config_cache
2021-02-06 David Bremnercli/tag: convert to new config framework.
2021-02-06 David BremnerCLI/show: mostly switch show to new config framework
2021-02-06 David Bremnercli/config: add accessor for config file name
2021-02-06 David BremnerCLI/{search,address}: convert to new configuration...
2021-02-06 David BremnerCLI/reply: convert to new config framework
2021-02-06 David Bremnercli/reindex: convert new config framework
2021-02-06 David BremnerCLI/insert: convert to new config framework.
2021-02-06 David BremnerCLI/restore: convert to new config framework