2019-11-27 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.29.3 master
2019-11-07 Sean Whittonadd pointers to mailscripts
2019-10-20 David StraubAdd netviel web interface to frontend list
2019-10-19 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.29.2
2019-10-13 David Bremnerlink to runnable version
2019-10-13 David Bremneradd link to print-mime-structure
2019-09-14 Sheng YangAdd note that org-notmuch was renamed ol-notmuch
2019-07-03 Andre Bianchifix parenthesis in gnus-alias identity rules definition
2019-06-12 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.29.1
2019-06-08 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.29
2019-06-08 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.29
2019-06-08 Tomi Ollilaold news sync
2019-06-07 David Bremnerlink to Olly's xapian-check hack
2019-05-22 Leo VivierUpdate obsolete function in example
2019-04-19 Ralph SeichterChanged "OS X" to "macOS"
2019-04-09 Rainer GemullaUpdated documentation for verification of inline pgp...
2019-03-07 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.28.3
2019-02-19 Florian Klinkinitial tagging: no bayesian filters
2019-02-18 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.28.2
2019-02-02 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.28.1
2018-11-28 Marcel van... Add info about maildcap files, exmaple: `copiousoutput`
2018-10-27 Léo Gaspardadd r/R key swap instructions for tree-mode
2018-10-21 Léo Gaspardadd org-notmuch install instructions for NixOS
2018-10-13 Florian Klinkperformance.mdwn: update on xapian database format
2018-10-13 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.28
2018-10-13 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.28
2018-07-09 David Bremneradd faq entry for xapian 1.4.6 regression
2018-06-13 Tomi Ollila2 http(s) links fixes in (old) news
2018-06-13 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.27
2018-06-13 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.27
2018-04-14 Martin MichlmayrFix typos
2018-04-14 Martin MichlmayrFix typo
2018-04-13 Antoine Beauprédocument the attachment forgetness fix
2018-03-28 Damien CassouFix typo
2018-03-28 Damien CassouAdd some code to automatically encrypt a message when...
2018-02-15 Shen Chenhowto for CJK indexing
2018-02-10 Adam Plaicesuggest using newly available https transport when...
2018-01-09 Tomi Ollila2 table cell border fixes done manually
2018-01-09 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.26
2018-01-09 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.26
2018-01-08 David Bremnerdrop discussion of 'deleted' and 'new'
2017-12-09 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.25.3
2017-11-23 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.25.2
2017-10-26 Tomi Ollilainstead of custom bindings, use `k d` (in emacs mua...
2017-10-21 Daniel Kahn... is now https.
2017-10-10 W. Trevor Kingnmbug: Document early 'nmbug checkout'
2017-10-02 David Bremnershorten description of jaro-mail
2017-10-02 David Bremneradd github mirror for jaromail
2017-10-02 David Bremneradd link for noservice
2017-10-02 David Bremneradd deprecation notices for mutt-kz
2017-10-02 David Bremnermove jaro-mail to historical section
2017-10-02 David Bremnerfix link
2017-10-02 David Bremnerdemote mutt-kz to historical, mention neomutt in it...
2017-09-14 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.25.1
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopere: 2812a16 add closing )
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopener: add github mirror link, and also C -> C++
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopener no longer has a home-page, moved to historical
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopefrontends: updated astroid repository url
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopegmailieer: clarify what parts are bidirectional
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopefix special-tags link
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopemaildir sync: also link to special tags with list over...
2017-09-07 Gaute Hopeadd gmailieer: Fast email-fetching and two-way tag...
2017-08-24 David Bremnerfix link for go bindings
2017-08-20 David Bremnerfixed version of hook snippet
2017-08-20 David BremnerRevert "Revert "add an example of tagging based on...
2017-08-20 David BremnerRevert "add an example of tagging based on content"
2017-08-20 David Bremneradd an example of tagging based on content
2017-08-20 David BremnerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-07-26 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.25
2017-07-13 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.24.2
2017-06-29 David Bremnerattempt to fix link
2017-06-23 Manos Pitsidianakisfaq: search and spaces in paths/folders
2017-05-25 David BremnerAdd link to russian version of howto page
2017-05-25 Carl WorthPrefer the word "website" over "wiki"
2017-05-11 David Bremneradd pointer to
2017-04-01 Tomi OllilaNEWS for version 0.24.1
2017-03-13 Tomi Ollilacosmic
2017-03-13 Tomi Ollilathanks for playing, try once more... and then also...
2017-03-13 Tomi Ollilabacktick to escape italicising
2017-03-13 Tomi Ollilamanpages for 0.24
2017-03-13 Tomi OllilaNEWS for version 0.24
2017-03-05 Tomi OllilaNEWS for version 0.23.7
2017-02-27 Tomi OllilaNEWS for version 0.23.6
2017-01-31 Jani Nikulafrontends: add notmuch-report
2017-01-31 Jani Nikulafrontends: add nmbug
2017-01-31 Jani Nikulaindex: reference tools in frontends
2017-01-31 Jani Nikulafrontends: add tools section, and add a couple of tools
2017-01-26 Noah Swartzfix broken link for fetchmail
2017-01-16 Aurelien Apteladd faq about extracting git patches
2017-01-09 Tomi OllilaNEWS for release 0.23.5
2016-12-28 Tomi Ollilarelease 0.23.4 manpages update
2016-12-24 Tomi OllilaNEWS for release 0.23.4
2016-11-27 Tomi Ollilanews/release-0.23.3.mdwn
2016-11-20 Tomi Ollilanews/release-0.23.2.mdwn
2016-11-16 Tomi OllilaA news/release-0.23.1.mdwn
2016-11-10 Jani Nikulafcc on remote usage
2016-10-26 Tomi Ollilaexample script to start emacs for remote notmuch use
2016-10-24 Tomi Olliladitto (dc6dadf0ad4e8c86b83d927c6154e62af5c780d5)
2016-10-24 Tomi Ollilafor BASH_XTRACEFD=6 to work, the fd has to be open
2016-10-16 Dave BarkerChange binding for my-notmuch-show-view-as-patch