2011-05-11 Carl WorthRemove some variables which were set but not used.
2011-05-11 Carl Worthemacs: Only compile replacement functions for emacs...
2011-05-04 Felipe Contrerasvim: parse 'from' address
2011-05-04 Felipe Contrerasvim: use sendmail directly
2011-05-04 Felipe Contrerasvim: add myself (Felipe Contreras) as contributor
2011-05-04 Felipe Contrerasvim: implement archive in show view
2011-05-04 Felipe Contrerasvim: refactor tagging stuff
2011-04-25 Carl WorthTODO: Add item for remembing files detected as not...
2011-04-25 Carl Worthtest: Mark the search-insufficient-from-quoting tests...
2011-04-25 Carl WorthMerge remote-tracking branch 'amdragon/eager-metadata-v4'
2011-04-25 Jameson Graef... use custom-face-edit value-type in notmuch-search-line...
2011-03-21 Austin ClementsFixup string list author
2011-03-21 Austin ClementsAdd the tag list to the unified message metadata pass.
2011-03-21 Austin ClementsAdd the file name list to the unified message metadata...
2011-03-21 Austin ClementsAdd a generic function to get a list of terms with...
2011-03-21 Austin ClementsImplement an internal generic string list and use it.
2011-03-21 Austin ClementsUse a single unified pass to fetch scalar message metadata.
2011-03-16 James Vasilepython: Remove completed TODO item
2011-03-11 Carl Worthemacs: Define notmuch-search-process-filter-data before...
2011-03-11 Carl Worthemacs: Don't drop error messages from "notmuch search"
2011-03-11 Carl Worthemacs: Fix notmuch-search-process-filter to handle...
2011-03-10 Carl Worthemacs: Display any unexpected output from notmuch search
2011-03-10 Carl WorthRename/rewrite the new emacs-forgetfulness test (to...
2011-03-10 Thomas SchwingeNew test: Emacs' forgetfulness.
2011-03-10 Carl Worthnew: Update comments for add_files_recursive
2011-03-10 Karel Zaknew: read db_files and db_subdirs only if mtime changed
2011-03-10 Carl Worthbuild: Save configure options and re-use them for autom...
2011-03-10 Carl Worthbuild: Fix a plain "make" to automatically run configure.
2011-03-10 Carl WorthMerge remote branch 'amdragon/search-perf-3'
2011-03-09 Carl Worthbuild: Add support for non-source-directory builds.
2011-03-09 Carl WorthTODO: Add item for the build system to support a non...
2011-03-09 Carl Worthjson: Fix search result with no matches to be a valid...
2011-03-09 Carl Worthtest: Rename and clarify the search-lwn test
2011-03-09 Carl Worthsearch: Move lwn tests into their own file.
2011-03-09 Thomas SchwingeAdd a few tests for searching LWN emails.
2011-02-03 Sebastien Binetupdate for go-release-2011-02-01:
2011-02-02 Ali Polatelruby: Add generated files to .gitignore
2011-01-31 Austin ClementsSimplify _notmuch_doc_id_set_init interface.
2011-01-31 Austin ClementsRemove code repetition in the doc ID bitmap code.
2011-01-28 Thomas SchwingeClarify usage of `additional_headers' in test/test...
2011-01-27 Jameson Rollinsemacs: send notmuch-query stderr to /dev/null
2011-01-26 Michal Sojkanew: Print progress estimates only when we have suffici...
2011-01-26 Carl WorthMakefile: Quote variables used as filenames in shell...
2011-01-26 Michal Sojkaconfigure: Drop global setting of IFS (without space...
2011-01-26 Michal Sojkaemacs: View the output of pipe command when it fails
2011-01-26 Michal Sojkatest: Make it easier to resolve conflicts when adding...
2011-01-26 Michal SojkaFix installation of zsh completion
2011-01-26 Cédric Cabessaconfigure: add options to disable emacs/zsh/bash and...
2011-01-26 Michal Sojkanew: Enhance progress reporting
2011-01-26 Michal Sojkanew: Add all initial tags at once
2011-01-26 Austin ClementsDo not defer maildir flag synchronization for new messages
2011-01-26 Peter John... vim: Get user email address from notmuch config file.
2011-01-26 Carl Worthlib: Save and restore term position in message while...
2011-01-26 Carl WorthAdd test demonstrating a position overlap bug.
2011-01-26 Carl Worthnotmuch search: Clean up some memory leaks during searc...
2011-01-26 Sebastien BinetMigrate to goconfig pkg
2011-01-26 Sebastien Binetbindings/go: Add a todo file
2011-01-26 Sebastien BinetA minor, cosmetic change
2011-01-26 Sebastien BinetInitial import of Go bindings for notmuch
2011-01-26 Carl WorthTODO: Note that folder: has now been implemented.
2011-01-25 Ali Polatelruby: Add wrapper for message_get_filenames
2011-01-25 Ali Polatelruby: Add wrappers for maildir sync. interface
2011-01-25 Ali Polatelruby: Add wrappers for query_get_s{ort,tring}
2011-01-15 Carl WorthAdd documentation for the recently added folder-based...
2011-01-15 Carl WorthAdd support for folder-based searching.
2011-01-15 Carl Worthtest: Add new tests for folder-based searching.
2011-01-15 Carl WorthFix misspelling in a comment.
2011-01-15 Carl Worthtest/basic: Ignore new files ending in ~
2011-01-15 Carl WorthTighten up a memory allocation.
2011-01-15 Carl WorthCorrect some minor typos in a comment
2011-01-13 Sebastian Spaethpython: Update metainformation to point to new URL...
2010-12-08 Austin ClementsOptimize thread search using matched docid sets.
2010-12-08 Carl WorthUpdate test suite for 7 tests that were recently fixed.
2010-12-08 Carl Worthnotmuch search: Fix to display authors in date order.
2010-12-08 Carl Worthlib: Set thread subject at the same time as setting...
2010-12-08 Carl WorthRevert "test: Break on test script (or other) error"
2010-12-08 Carl Worthtest: Leave tmp.<testname> for broken tests
2010-12-08 Austin ClementsMake author order tests more strict.
2010-12-08 Austin ClementsFix handling of broken tests.
2010-12-07 David Edmondsonemacs: Remove over-eager regular expressions from notmu...
2010-12-07 David Edmondsonemacs: Improve the display of truncated authors.
2010-12-07 David Edmondsonemacs: Use truenames for Fcc paths.
2010-12-07 David Edmondsontest: Ignore files created during test failures.
2010-12-05 Carl Worthnotmuch new: Scan directory whenever fs mtime is not...
2010-11-24 Carl WorthFix to index the "Re" term present in any subject.
2010-11-24 Carl Worthnotmuch search: Fix missing final newline in "notmuch...
2010-11-24 Carl Worthtest: Add --format=json testing to the "notmuch search...
2010-11-24 Carl Worthtest: Add simple tests for "notmuch search --output=<>"
2010-11-24 Carl WorthTODO: Note missing keybindings for next/previous thread...
2010-11-16 James Vasilecompatibility with emacs22
2010-11-16 Carl WorthTODO: Add several items recently mentioned on the maili...
2010-11-16 Carl Worthtest: Don't print a test result for preliminary test...
2010-11-16 Michal Sojkatest: Fix bugs detected thanks to the previous commit
2010-11-16 Michal Sojkatest: Detect unfinished subsets
2010-11-16 Michal Sojkatest: Break on test script (or other) error
2010-11-16 Michal Sojkatest: Add trailing newline to error messages
2010-11-16 Michal Sojkatest: Better handling of stdout and stderr
2010-11-16 David Edmondsonemacs: Use `view-mode' when examining raw messages.
2010-11-16 Carl Worthconfigure: Add explicit check for glib >= 2.14
2010-11-16 Carl Worthconfigure: Use pkg-config --exists rather than --modversion