2020-11-12 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: don't fset keymaps master
2020-11-12 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: add doc-string to notmuch-tree-mode-map
2020-11-12 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: define notmuch-message-mode-map explicitly
2020-11-12 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: silence byte-compiler
2020-11-09 David Bremnerdebian: upload 0.31.2-3 release archive/debian/0.31.2-3 debian/0.31.2-3
2020-11-09 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.31.2-2 archive/debian/0.31.2-2 debian/0.31.2-2
2020-11-09 David Bremnerdebian: run tests in verbose mode
2020-11-08 David Bremnerrelease: explicitely build sphinx-html 0.31.2 debian/0.31.2-1
2020-11-08 David BremnerNEWS: update for 0.31.2
2020-11-08 David Bremnerdebian: remove quilt patches
2020-11-08 David Bremnerdebian: update changelog for 0.31.2-1
2020-11-08 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.31.2
2020-11-08 David Bremnerbuild: change one more occurrence of 'version' to ...
2020-11-08 David BremnerCommit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadata archive/debian/0.31.1-1 debian/0.31.1-1
2020-11-08 David Bremnerrelease: call python3 instead of python 0.31.1
2020-11-08 David Bremnerrelease: update for s/version/version...
2020-11-08 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.31.1-1
2020-11-08 David BremnerNEWS: add news for 0.31.1
2020-11-08 David Bremnerupdate versions
2020-11-08 David Bremnerbuild: fix update-versions rule
2020-10-30 Ralph SeichterRename version to version.txt
2020-10-30 David Bremnerlib/config: don't set destructor until iterator is...
2020-10-21 Tomi Ollilaconfigure: replace $(realpath emacs) with $(cd emacs...
2020-10-21 Tomi Ollilaemacs docs: rstdoc.el: consistent single quote conversions
2020-09-19 Tim Quelchemacs: Remove notmuch-mua-message-send-hook
2020-09-06 David BremnerMerge tag '0.31' into master
2020-09-06 David BremnerNEWS: set release date 0.31 archive/debian/0.31-1 debian/0.31-1
2020-09-06 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.31-1
2020-09-06 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.31
2020-09-06 Mark WaltersNews: add entry for unthreaded mode
2020-09-05 David Bremnertest: fix syntax errors in erroring calls to notmuch...
2020-08-30 David BremnerNEWS: mention reproducibility fix 0.31_rc2 archive/debian/0.31_rc2-1 debian/0.31_rc2-1
2020-08-30 David BremnerNEWS: mention Emacs 27.1 compatibility fixes
2020-08-29 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.31~rc2
2020-08-29 David Bremnerdebian: drop notmuch-emacs dependency package
2020-08-29 David Bremnerdebian: suggest mailscripts
2020-08-29 David Bremnerdebian: suggest elpa-mailscripts
2020-08-23 David BremnerNEWS: remaining user visible library changes
2020-08-23 David BremnerNEWS: mention new API entries
2020-08-23 David BremnerNEWS: mention port to Xapian 1.5
2020-08-23 David BremnerNEWS: mention exception handling changes
2020-08-23 David BremnerNEWS: mention merging of documentation for python bindings
2020-08-23 William CasarinNEWS: add news entry for tree navigation changes
2020-08-22 Teemu LikonenEmacs: Fix notmuch-message-summary-face definition
2020-08-22 David BremnerAUTHORS: update for 0.31
2020-08-22 Sean Whittonemacs: Use pop-to-buffer-same-window rather than switch...
2020-08-18 David Bremnerdebian/changelog: fix typo
2020-08-18 David Bremnerupdate changelog for 0.31~rc1-1 0.31_rc1 archive/debian/0.31_rc1-1 debian/0.31_rc1-1
2020-08-18 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.31~rc1
2020-08-18 Tomi OllilaNEWS: notmuch-mutt: system(shell pipeline) replaced...
2020-08-16 David Bremnertest: fix uninitialized variable use in T562-lib-database
2020-08-16 David Bremnerbuild: clean up sphinx.config
2020-08-16 David Bremnerdevel/ use grep to find copyright... 0.31_rc0
2020-08-16 David Bremnerdebian: update symbols for 0.31
2020-08-16 David Bremnerdebian: start changelog for 0.31~rc0-1
2020-08-16 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.31~rc0
2020-08-16 William Casarinemacs/tree: add notmuch-tree-archive-thread-then-next
2020-08-16 William Casarinemacs/tree: enable moving to next thread in search...
2020-08-16 William Casarinemacs/tree: introduce notmuch-tree-parent-buffer variable
2020-08-16 David Bremnertest: update README to reflect dropping upgrade tests
2020-08-15 Teemu LikonenEmacs: Indent first header line only when indentation...
2020-08-12 Tomi Ollilanotmuch-mutt: replace shell pipeline with internal...
2020-08-12 Tomi Ollilaconfigure: Check if emacs >= 25 (instead of >= 24)...
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoullitry-emacs-mua: Trim `require' advice for Emacs 25
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use new advice mechanism do advice mm-shr
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Do not abuse advice to monkey patch while testing
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Drop old advices that were only need for Emacs 23
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Remove notmuch-read-char-choice
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Remove notmuch-setq-local
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use cl-incf where appropriate
2020-08-10 Jonas BernoulliNEWS: At least Emacs 25.1 is required now
2020-08-10 Jonas BernoulliNEWS: Add stub for 0.31
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Add end-of-file line to libraries that lack it
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Provide 'rstdoc' feature at end of file
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulli.gitignore: Sort using sort-lines
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoullitest: Fix indentation
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulli.dir-locals.el: Set variables for correct "shell" mode
2020-08-10 Jonas BernoulliFix typos
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Increase consistency of library headers
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Various cosmetic changes
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Autoload notmuch-jump using an autoload cookie
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Autoload notmuch-jump-search only once
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Improve doc-strings
2020-08-10 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use makefile-gmake-mode in Makefile*s
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: notmuch-poll: Let the user know we are polling
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: No longer define notmuch-hello-mode-map as a...
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Fix some function declarations
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Extend face to window edge again
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use one or three lines for 'if' forms
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use 'when' instead of 'if' when there is no...
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use 'unless' instead of 'when' and 'not'
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Use 'and' instead of 'when' when the return...
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Only set one variable per setq form
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Closing parenthesis go on the same line
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Fix indentation
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Remove excess empty lines
2020-08-09 Jonas Bernoulliemacs: Shorten long lines
2020-08-08 Teemu LikonenEmacs: Ensure left-to-right display for message headers
2020-08-08 Đoàn Trần Công... T355: specify hash algorithm explicitly
2020-08-08 Đoàn Trần Công... configure: drop check for default xapian backend