notmuch.el: Add notmuch-search command as well as notmuch
[notmuch] / Makefile
2009-10-30 Carl WorthMakefile: Add a simple target for "make install".
2009-10-28 Carl WorthAdd full-text indexing using the GMime library for...
2009-10-26 Carl WorthMove terms and tags code to a new file.
2009-10-26 Carl WorthAdd an initial implementation of a notmuch_thread_t...
2009-10-25 Carl WorthFix missing xapian-flags when generating dependencies.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthDrop unused variable.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd -Wswitch-enum and fix warnings.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd -Wmising-declarations and fix warnings.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd -Wwrite-strings and fix warnings.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthRe-enable the warning for unused parameters.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd -Wextra and fix warnings.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthRework Makefile just a bit to enable adding flags for...
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd debugging code for examining query strings.
2009-10-22 Carl WorthGenerate message ID (using SHA1) when a mail message...
2009-10-21 Carl WorthImplement 'notmuch dump'.
2009-10-20 Carl WorthRename private notmuch_message_t to notmuch_message_file_t
2009-10-20 Carl WorthMakefile: Add automatic dependency tracking to the...
2009-10-20 Carl WorthRemove test programs, xapian-dump and notmuch-index...
2009-10-19 Carl WorthHook up our fancy new notmuch_parse_date function.
2009-10-19 Carl Worthnotmuch: Switch from gmime to custom, ad-hoc parsing...
2009-10-19 Carl Worthnotmuch: Start actually adding messages to the index.
2009-10-17 Carl WorthStart a new top-level executable: notmuch.
2009-10-15 Keith PackardProtect against missing message id while indexing files
2009-10-13 Carl WorthRename g_mime_test to notmuch-index-message
2009-10-13 Carl WorthAdd the beginnings of a xapian-dump program.
2009-10-13 Carl WorthInitial commit of a test program to form the basis...