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2009-10-23 Carl Worthadd_files: Pull one stat out of the recrusive function.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthMore fixing of plurals.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthMore care in final status reporting.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthPrint a better message than "0s" for zero seconds.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd new "notmuch new" command.
2009-10-23 Carl Worthadd_files: Change to return a status value instead...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthnotmuch setup: Clean up the progress printing a bit.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthRe-order documentation a bit.
2009-10-23 Carl Worthnotmuch_message_get_filename: Improve documentation.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthRemove some unneeded initializers.
2009-10-23 Carl Worthnotmuch setup: Fix a couple of error paths.
2009-10-23 Carl Worth_find_prefix: Exit when given an invalid prefix name.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthClean up comments to not include spaces before tabs.
2009-10-23 Carl WorthClarify documentation and error string for NOTMUCH_STAT...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_database_set_timestamp and notmuch_database...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthdatabase: Add private find_unique_doc_id and find_uniqu...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthdatabase: Similarly rename find_message_by_docid to...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthdatabase: Rename internal find_messages_by_term to...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthsha1: Add new notmuch_sha1_of_string function
2009-10-23 Carl Worthnotmuch restore: Print names of tags that cannot be...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthnotmuch_tags_has_more: Fix to use string.empty rather...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthFix notmuch_message_get_message_id to never return...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthadd_message: Fix to not add multiple documents with...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd _notmuch_message_create_for_message_id
2009-10-23 Carl WorthFix _notmuch_message_create to catch Xapian DocNotFound...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd internal functions for manipulating a new notmuch_m...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_message_get_filename
2009-10-23 Carl Worthadd_message: Re-order the code a bit (find message...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthMove thread_id generation code from database.cc to...
2009-10-23 Carl WorthMove the _notmuch_message_sync from private to public...
2009-10-23 Carl Worthadd_message: Rename message to message_file
2009-10-22 Carl WorthPrevent that last bug from reoccurring.
2009-10-22 Carl WorthDon't forget the "to" header when restrict parsing...
2009-10-22 Carl WorthFix missing error check.
2009-10-22 Carl WorthGenerate message ID (using SHA1) when a mail message...
2009-10-22 Carl WorthRename sha1.c to libsha1.c
2009-10-22 Carl WorthMerge branch from fixing up bugs after bisecting.
2009-10-22 Carl WorthBring back the insert_thread_id function.
2009-10-22 Carl WorthFix lifetime-maintenance bug with std::string and c_str()
2009-10-22 Carl WorthList a few more co-conspirators.
2009-10-22 Carl WorthAdd an AUTHORS file.
2009-10-22 Mikhail GusarovAdd sha1.c and libsha1.h for doing SHA-1-based message...
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd copy of GNU General Public License (version 3).
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_status_to_string function.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthImplement "notmuch restore".
2009-10-21 Carl WorthPull out a chomp_newline function from "notmuch setup"
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_message_add_tag and notmuch_message_remove_tag
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch-private.h: Move NOTMUCH_BEGIN_DECLS earlier
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch_query_search: Clarify the documentation.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch.h: Fix some copy-paste errors in the documentaton.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch_message_get_message_id: Fix to cache result
2009-10-21 Carl Worthdatabase: Add new notmuch_database_find_message
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd notmuch_message_get_thread_ids function
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd wrappers for regcomp and regexec to xutil.c.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthRename NOTMUCH_MAX_TERM to NOTMUCH_TERM_MAX
2009-10-21 Carl WorthMove find_prefix function from database.cc to message.cc
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch dump: Fix to print spaces between tags.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthConvert notmuch_database_t to start using talloc.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthMove declarations for xutil.c from notmuch-private...
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch dump: Fix buffer overrun in error message.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch setup: Collapse internal whitespace within...
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch dump: Fix the sorting of results.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthadd_message: Add a type:mail ("Kmail") term to all...
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch setup: Print a few protecting spaces after...
2009-10-21 Carl Worth.gitignore: Ignore generated file Makefile.dep
2009-10-21 Carl Worthdatabase: Remove two little bits of dead code.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthquery: Remove the magic NOTMUCH_QUERY_ALL
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch dump: Free each message as it's used.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd destroy functions for results, message, and tags.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthRename our talloc destructor functions to _destructor.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthImplement 'notmuch dump'.
2009-10-20 Carl WorthRename private notmuch_message_t to notmuch_message_file_t
2009-10-20 Carl WorthMakefile: Add automatic dependency tracking to the...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch: Fix setup so that accepting the default mail...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthmessage: Use g_hash_table_destroy instead of g_hash_tab...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthadd_message: Fix memory leak of thread_ids GPtrArray.
2009-10-20 Carl Worthdatabase.cc: Document better pieces of glib that we...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthmessage.c: Free leaked memory in notmuch_message object
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch: Use GNU libc getline() instead of glib GIOChannel
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch_database_open: Fix error message for file-not...
2009-10-20 Carl WorthAdd some explanation about NOTMUCH_BASE to setup_command.
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch_database_create/open: Fix to handle NULL as...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch_message_get_header: Fix bogus return of NULL...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch: Revamp help message a bit.
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch: Ignore files that don't look like email messages.
2009-10-20 Carl WorthProtect definition of _GNU_SOURCE.
2009-10-20 Carl WorthRemove test programs, xapian-dump and notmuch-index...
2009-10-20 Carl Worthnotmuch: Reword the progress report slightly.
2009-10-19 Carl WorthRework message parsing to use getline rather than mmap.
2009-10-19 Carl WorthDon't hash headers we won't end up using.
2009-10-19 Carl WorthDocument which pieces of glib we're still using.
2009-10-19 Carl WorthHook up our fancy new notmuch_parse_date function.
2009-10-19 Carl Worthnotmuch_parse_date: Handle a NULL date string gracefully.
2009-10-19 Carl Worthdate.c: Rename function to notmuch_parse_date
2009-10-19 Carl Worthdate.c: Add hard-coded definition of HAVE_TIMEZONE
2009-10-19 Carl Worthdate.c: Don't use glib's slice allocator.
2009-10-19 Carl Worthdate.c: Remove occurrences of gboolean.
2009-10-19 Carl Worthdate.c: Remove all occurrences of g_return_val_if_fail
2009-10-19 Carl Worthdate.c: Keep the comments clean.