notmuch: Add a new "notmuch config" command for querying configuration.
[notmuch] / notmuch.1
2010-10-27 Carl Worthnotmuch: Add a new "notmuch config" command for queryin...
2010-09-16 Carl Worthnotmuch show: Add documentation of --format=mbox
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMerge Sebastian Spaeth's python bindings into bindings...
2010-04-10 Carl Worthnomtuch.1: Add documentation for "notmuch count"
2010-04-10 Carl Worthnotmuch: Document the new special-case syntax of "*".
2010-04-07 Carl WorthMerge branch 'debian'
2010-04-07 Carl Worthman: Fix several occurences of hyphen intended to be...
2010-04-06 Carl WorthMerge branch 'debian' into rebuild
2010-04-02 Carl WorthMerge remote branch 'dme/dme-for-cworth'
2010-04-02 David Edmondsonnotmuch: Add a 'part' subcommand
2010-03-10 Carl WorthAdd is:<tag> as a synonym for tag:<tag> in search terms.
2010-02-23 Scott RobinsonAdd an "--format=(json|text)" command-line option to...
2010-02-23 Carl Worthnotmuch.1: Use bold and indentation for the NOTMUCH_CON...
2010-02-23 James WestbyAdd ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES section to the man page
2010-01-21 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'upstream'
2010-01-06 Carl Worthnotmuch new: Remove hack to ignore read-only directorie...
2009-12-05 Jameson Graef Rollinsmerge changes from upstream
2009-12-03 Carl Worthnotmuch.1: Document the new --entire-thread option...
2009-11-28 Jed BrownDocumentation for notmuch reply --format=(default|heade...
2009-11-24 Carl WorthMerge buttons-for-body-and-headers branch.
2009-11-24 Carl Worthnotmuch search: Remove the chunked-searching hack.
2009-11-23 Carl WorthAdd rudimentary date-based search.
2009-11-23 Alec BerrymanSupport multiple configuration files via $NOTMUCH_CONFIG
2009-11-18 Carl Worthnotmuch.1: Fix a couple of typos.
2009-11-18 Carl Worthman.1: A big update of the notmuch manual page.
2009-11-10 Keith Packardnotmuch reply: Add (incomplete) reply command
2009-11-05 Carl WorthUpdate notmuch man page with recently-added documentation.
2009-11-02 Carl WorthAdd a simple manual page for notmuch.