Rename notmuch_query_search to notmuch_query_search_messages
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2009-10-26 Carl WorthRename notmuch_query_search to notmuch_query_search_mes...
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd an INTERNAL_ERROR macro and use it for all internal...
2009-10-25 Carl Worthadd_message: Propagate error status from notmuch_messag...
2009-10-25 Carl WorthShuffle the value numbers around in the database.
2009-10-25 Carl WorthUse _find_prefix instead of hard-coded term in notmuch_...
2009-10-25 Carl WorthFix bit-twiddling brain damage in notmuch_query_search
2009-10-25 Carl WorthAdd debugging code for examining query strings.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthnotmuch dump: Fix the sorting of results.
2009-10-21 Carl Worthquery: Remove the magic NOTMUCH_QUERY_ALL
2009-10-21 Carl WorthAdd destroy functions for results, message, and tags.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthRename our talloc destructor functions to _destructor.
2009-10-21 Carl WorthImplement 'notmuch dump'.