2011-11-27 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-11-26 David Bremnerbuild system: clean up object files in ./test and ...
2011-11-26 Amadeusz ŻołnowskiWhitespaces cleanup.
2011-11-26 Amadeusz ŻołnowskiFix warnings for test/
2011-11-26 Dmitry Kurochkintest: cleanup basic tests
2011-11-26 Dmitry Kurochkintest: fix sed error in basic tests
2011-11-26 Dmitry Kurochkintest: remove executable permissions from
2011-11-25 Gregor Zattleremacs: test notmuch show with fourfold message indentation
2011-11-25 Gregor Zattleremacs: test: notmuch show without indentation
2011-11-25 Gregor Zattleremacs: test notmuch-indent-messages-width default
2011-11-25 Gregor Zattleremacs: make message indentation width customisable
2011-11-25 David Bremnertest: add simple tests for online help 0.10.1 debian/0.10.1-1
2011-11-25 David BremnerNEWS: add NEWS stanza for 0.10.1
2011-11-25 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.10.1
2011-11-25 David Bremnerversion: update to 0.10.1
2011-11-25 David BremnerCLI: update call to notmuch_help_command for new callin...
2011-11-24 Tomi Ollilamake release: use sed to check debian version
2011-11-24 Tomi Ollilamake release: added goal verify-version-manpage
2011-11-24 Tomi Ollilamake release: verify-version-*: change comparison logic
2011-11-24 Austin Clementsemacs: Avoid unnecessary markers.
2011-11-24 Austin Clementsemacs: Don't record undo information for search or...
2011-11-24 Tomi Olliladebian/control: require dtach version >= 0.8 in Build...
2011-11-23 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-11-23 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.10 0.10
2011-11-23 David BremnerNEWS: set (approximate) date for 0.10 release
2011-11-23 David Bremnerversion: update to 0.10
2011-11-23 David BremnerNEWS: item for silent killing of search buffers.
2011-11-23 David Bremnercontrib/notmuch-deliver: don't export from git
2011-11-23 Jani Nikulaemacs: Make saving new saved searches append, not prepend
2011-11-23 Jani Nikulaemacs: Add new customization option to sort saved searches
2011-11-22 Louis Rillingtags_to_maildir_flags: Cleanup double assignement
2011-11-22 Louis Rillinglib: Kill last usage of C++ type bool
2011-11-21 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-11-21 Florian Friesdorffix a double // to single /
2011-11-21 Jameson Graef... emacs: breakout notmuch-show-advance functionality...
2011-11-19 Tom PrinceDon't link libnotmuch if libutil isn't linked in properly.
2011-11-19 David BremnerRELEASING: document the semi-automated version propagation.
2011-11-19 David Bremnerbuild system: add target update-versions to propagate...
2011-11-19 David Bremnerbuild system: use $(filter ...) to test MAKECMDGOALS
2011-11-19 David Bremnerversion: update version info for 0.10~rc2 0.10_rc2 debian/0.10_rc2-1
2011-11-18 Tomi Ollilatest: make all tests terminable with Ctrl-c
2011-11-18 Pieter Praettest: emacs: tidy up "Stashing in notmuch-show" test
2011-11-18 Tomi Ollilatest: attempt to send QUIT to smtp-dummy in case mail...
2011-11-17 Tomi Ollilatest: create dtach's session socket in $TEST_TMPDIR
2011-11-17 Tomi Ollilatest: create TEST_TMPDIR for holding temporary files
2011-11-17 David Bremnerbuild system: tweak VERSION so that debian-snapshot...
2011-11-16 Pieter PraetNEWS: fix some old typos and trailing whitespace
2011-11-16 Pieter PraetNEWS: add entries for stashing-related keybinding and...
2011-11-16 Daniel SchoepeNEWS entry for id-links
2011-11-16 David BremnerRevert "NEWS entry for id-links"
2011-11-16 Daniel SchoepeNEWS entry for id-links
2011-11-16 Daniel SchoepeNEWS entry for adding tab-completion to notmuch-search
2011-11-16 David BremnerNEWS: mention improved search buffer performance, chang...
2011-11-16 David Bremnernotmuch.1: bump version number
2011-11-16 David BremnerRELEASING: update description of "make release".
2011-11-16 David BremnerRELEASING: update discussion of version handling
2011-11-16 David BremnerRELEASING: update symbol handling description for curre...
2011-11-16 David BremnerNEWS: discuss contrib and nmbug
2011-11-16 David Bremnerdebian/libnotmuch2.symbols: add notmuch_query_count_threads 0.10_rc1 debian/0.10_rc1-1
2011-11-15 David Bremnerdebian: new changelog stanza for 0.10~rc1-1
2011-11-15 David Bremnerversion: update to 0.10~rc1
2011-11-15 Jani Nikulatest: add tests for notmuch search --offset and --limit
2011-11-15 Jani Nikulatest: add tests for notmuch count
2011-11-15 Jani Nikulacli: add support for --output parameter in notmuch...
2011-11-15 Jani Nikulacli: drop unused code from notmuch count
2011-11-15 Jani Nikulacli: add options --offset and --limit to notmuch search
2011-11-15 Jani Nikulalib: add function to get the number of threads matching...
2011-11-15 Austin Clementstest: Add a test script for "notmuch tag"
2011-11-15 Austin Clementsnews: Store "from" and "subject" headers in the database.
2011-11-14 Austin ClementsStore "from" and "subject" headers in the database.
2011-11-14 Tomi Ollilatest/atomicity: change shebang to '#!/usr/bin/env bash'
2011-11-13 Jameson Graef... emacs: add notmuch-show-worker function for specifying...
2011-11-13 Jameson Graef... emacs: add documentation for notmuch-show crypto-switch...
2011-11-13 Tom PrinceLink libutil using filenmae, rather than using -l.
2011-11-13 Thomas Josttest: make smtp-dummy work with Emacs 24
2011-11-13 Dmitry Kurochkintest: do not hide test_emacs errors
2011-11-13 Tomi Ollilaexec emacs at the end of run_emacs script
2011-11-13 David Bremnercontrib/nmbug: new script for sharing tags with a given...
2011-11-13 Jameson Graef... emacs: update notmuch-crypto-process-mime config variab...
2011-11-13 Jameson Graef... emacs: Unbind M-RET as display of thread with crypto...
2011-11-13 Pieter Praettest: stashing in notmuch-{show,search}
2011-11-13 Pieter Praetemacs: add keybind and function to stash Message-ID...
2011-11-12 David BremnerNEWS: mention dtach instead of screen in the descriptio...
2011-11-12 Dmitry Kurochkinemacs: add invisible space after the search widget...
2011-11-12 Austin Clementsemacs: Use a single buffer invisibility spec to fix...
2011-11-12 Tomi Ollilasmtp-dummy: clear sockaddr_in structure before use...
2011-11-11 Jameson Graef... debian: update build dependency on dtach instead of...
2011-11-11 Jameson Graef... debian: clean up Uploaders and Build-Depends fields...
2011-11-11 Tomi Ollilatest: use dtach(1) instead of screen(1) in emacs tests
2011-11-08 Michal SojkaDo not query on notmuch-search exit
2011-11-08 Dmitry Kurochkinemacs: remove unused `point-invisible-p' function
2011-11-08 Dmitry Kurochkinemacs: remove no longer used functions from notmuch...
2011-11-08 Dmitry Kurochkinemacs: improve hidden signatures handling in notmuch...
2011-11-08 Dmitry Kurochkintest: `notmuch-show-advance-and-archive' with invisible...
2011-11-06 David BremnerNEWS: tentative news item about requiring screen to...
2011-11-06 David Bremnerdebian: build-depend on screen.
2011-11-06 Dmitry Kurochkintest: do not set frame width in emacs
2011-11-06 Dmitry Kurochkintest: avoid using screen(1) configuration files
2011-11-05 Dmitry Kurochkintest: run emacs inside screen
2011-11-05 Dmitry Kurochkintest: json show format of message with inline attachmen...