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[notmuch] / .dir-locals.el
2012-02-04 David BremnerMerge commit '0.11.1'
2012-01-22 Tomi Ollila.dir-locals.el: changed one-char comment prefix ';...
2012-01-14 Austin ClementsSet fill column to 70 in .dir-locals.el.
2011-07-18 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6.1'
2011-07-10 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6'
2011-06-24 David BremnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2011-06-23 Austin ClementsAdd dir-locals style variables for C++, Elisp, and...
2011-05-18 Daniel Kahn GillmorAdd a .dir-locals.el file for the benefit of emacs...