notmuch-tag.c: convert to use tag-util
[notmuch] / tag-util.c
2013-01-08 David Bremnernotmuch-tag.c: convert to use tag-util
2013-01-07 David Bremnertag-util: factor out rules for illegal tags, use in...
2013-01-07 Austin Clementsdump/restore: Use Xapian queries for batch-tag format
2012-12-26 David Bremnerparse_tag_line: use enum for return value.
2012-12-23 David Bremnertag-utils: use the tag_opt_list_t as talloc context...
2012-12-09 David Bremnertag-util: optimization of tag application
2012-12-09 David Bremnertag-util.[ch]: New files for common tagging routines