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test: Don't mess with user's HOME directory
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2010-11-06 Carl Worthtest: Don't mess with user's HOME directory
2010-11-06 Carl Worthtest: Generate a little run_emacs script to help debug...
2010-10-28 Carl Worthtest: Emit a friendly error message if run with bash...
2010-10-27 Carl Worthtest: Set alternate HOME during tests.
2010-10-23 Carl Worthtest: Add simple tests for navigating notmuch-hello...
2010-10-23 Carl Worthtest: Add a new test_expect_equal_failure
2010-10-22 Carl Worthtest: Add a new test_emacs function to test-lib.sh
2010-10-22 Carl Worthtest: Fix add_email_corpus function to be quiet.
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Fix the search and dump-restore tests to operator...
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Remove useless NOTMUCH variable (in favor of...
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Remove some dead code in test-lib.sh
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Print section names, and rename all test sections
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Make the --valgrind option useful, (and drop...
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Rename GIT_SKIP_TESTS to NOTMUCH_SKIP_TESTS
2010-09-20 Carl Worthtest: Fix test suite so that --valgrind option works.
2010-09-17 Carl Worthtest: Rework test-suite input to avoid ulti-command...
2010-09-17 Carl Worthtest: Cleanup the test output
2010-09-16 Michal Sojkatest: Set all times to UTC
2010-09-16 Michal Sojkatest: Update helper functions
2010-09-16 Michal SojkaUpdate test framework for use with notmuch
2010-09-16 Michal SojkaCopy test framework from Git