python: split the documentation
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2012-02-24 Justus Winterpython: split the documentation
2012-02-24 Justus Winterpython: move the notmuch module section to notes.rst
2012-02-24 Justus Winterpython: move the usage example to quickstart.rst
2012-02-23 Justus Winterpython: strip module prefix in the sphinx documentation
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: refactor the python bindings
2012-02-18 Justus Winterpython: remove trailing whitespace within the documenta...
2012-02-18 Justus Winterpython: wrap notmuch_query_count_threads as Query.count...
2011-12-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-12-06 Patrick Totzkefix sphinx compile-time warnings
2011-10-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: clean up docstrings and API documentation
2011-09-29 Sebastian Spaethpython: Add new functions in API documentation
2011-09-29 Sebastian Spaethpython: Improve code documentation
2011-06-16 Sebastian Spaethpython: Improve API documentation
2011-06-15 Sebastian Spaethpython: Remove Messages().__len__
2011-06-02 Sebastian Spaethbindings/python: Include the new get_filenames in the...
2010-04-23 Sebastian Spaethpython: Add UNSORTED as Query.SORT option
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMerge Sebastian Spaeth's python bindings into bindings...
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMove everything down into a bindings/python directory.