database: Make _parse_message_id static once again.
[notmuch] / lib /
2009-11-18 Carl Worthdatabase: Make _parse_message_id static once again.
2009-11-18 Carl Worthdatabase: Add "replyto" to the database schema document...
2009-11-18 Carl Worthdatabase: Rename "ref" prefix name to "reference"
2009-11-18 Carl Worthadd_message: Don't add any self-references to the database.
2009-11-18 Carl WorthRemove the talloc_owner argument from create_for_messag...
2009-11-17 Carl WorthFix broken commit.
2009-11-17 Carl Worthadd_message: Avoid a memory leak when user holds on...
2009-11-16 Carl Worthdatabase: Fix a typo in a commit.
2009-11-16 Carl WorthExport _parse_message_id to the library implementation.
2009-11-12 Carl WorthDon't create "contact" terms in the database.
2009-11-12 Carl Worthnotmuch: Add a configuration system.
2009-11-10 Carl Worthlibify: Move library sources down into lib directory.