test: basic: drop 'ensure all available tests are run'
[notmuch] / test / symbol-hiding
2012-02-04 David BremnerMerge commit '0.11.1'
2012-01-22 Tomi Ollilatest: whitespace-cleanup for most test/* files
2012-01-14 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-12-31 Tomi Ollilatest/symbol-hiding: prepend new directory to LD_LIBRARY...
2011-12-07 David Bremnertest/symbol-hiding: compare exported symbols with exist...
2011-12-07 David Bremnertest/symbol-hiding: add some whitespace between tests
2011-12-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-11-27 Amadeusz ŻołnowskiBuild symbol-test with make instead of hardcoding in...
2011-07-18 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6.1'
2011-07-10 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6'
2011-06-28 Mark Andersontest:Improve test behaviors when --root is used
2011-06-23 David Bremnertests: add a test for symbol hiding side effects