vim: make sure headers begin with \w
[notmuch] / vim / plugin / notmuch.vim
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: make sure headers begin with \w
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: allow overriding how newBuffer is created
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: replace echo\nreturn with trhow in a few places
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: make insert in compose mode configurable
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: add a helpful header to notmuch-compose mode
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: add support for <Tab> in compose mode
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: add support for :NotMuch compose
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: cleanup settings in newBuffer() and make them...
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: add a line splitter that understands quotes
2009-11-27 Bart Trojanowskivim: allow for different types of mappings not just...
2009-11-26 Bart Trojanowskivim: fix a case where we started with :NotMuch search
2009-11-26 Bart Trojanowskivim: fix some error checking in NM_search_thread_id()
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: removing debug statements
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: Space archives/reads and advances to next message
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: don't use scrolloff/sidesscrolloff in notmuch...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: refactor get_message_for_line out of show_message_id
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: more cleanup and fixes for show_next/previous...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: allow show_next/previous to skip non-matching...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: pass filter expression to add/remove tag functions
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: fold messages that don't match a query
2009-11-25 Bart TrojanowskiMerge branch 'show-matching-flag' into HEAD
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: return nothing instead of failting if there is...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: make timing info a debug option
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: include stubs for Tab-ing thorugh folds in show...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: include search terms when showing message
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: fix '?' command in message display
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: fix shell escaping for () in search terms
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: fix column formatting for >9 messages in search...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: preserve previous buffer number when refreshing...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: cleanup tag filtering
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: cleanup a few minor glitches
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: fix an error in the logic for finding message...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: use ,s for editing search query
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: have ? show details of what's under cursor in...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: ingore would-be-folds with line count of 1 or...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: added searching for word under cursor with ^]
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim plugin: removed some dead code
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskivim: place ... more inteligently when shortening 'from...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix returning to folders after searching a few times
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake searching, updates and returning to folder view...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadd notmuch-folders support mode
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiremove some debug code from NM_cmd_search()
2009-11-25 Bart TrojanowskiNM_show_prev() -> NM_show_previous()
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicorrect fold line counts
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskikeep the ,nmr hack around
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiclear the nmap before creating our bindings
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskidon't fold single lines
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiavoid reloading search screen when we add/remove tags
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskidebug code to measure how long calls to system() take
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake control-p go to previous message
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskilot more stubs for future keybindings
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiimplemented folding bodies and headers
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimore endless toil with syntax
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix after merge, --reverse replaced with --sort=
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicrude order toggle
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded search filtering
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded support for archive command
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicleanup calls to script functions, use <SID>
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix showing thread
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded tagging and refresh to search screen
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadd dummy entries to search screen keymap
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskidefine keymap for show screen as a dictionary
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicleanup default handling code
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake search screen mappings configurable via dictionary
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake it possible to set config options from outside...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskitoggle signatures and citations with s/c respectively
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix a corner case with folding a single line citation
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded ^n to handle walking messages
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskipretty colouring and folding for message show
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiparsing rewritten one more time
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicompletely rewritten show handling
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifirst attempt to fold the message nicely
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifolding for citations
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskinaively fold all signatures
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskigrab all the pattern matchers from the emacs script
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake <Enter> from search screen display the correct...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadd 's' binding to let you search for different terms
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskireverse order so that the latest is at top
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimove from search to show with Enter, and back with q
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiprimitive notmuch mail interface for vim