2013-12-07 Austin Clementslib: Replace NOTMUCH_*_VERSION with LIBNOTMUCH_*_VERSION
2013-12-07 Austin Clementslib: Make VERSION macros agree with soname version
2013-12-01 Mark WaltersNews updates for Mark's bugfixes
2013-11-30 David Bremnerdebian: reformat changelog to avoid lintian warning.
2013-11-29 David BremnerNEWS: bump date 0.17_rc2
2013-11-29 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.17~rc2
2013-11-29 David Bremnerdebian: update changelog for new release candidate
2013-11-28 David Bremnertest/crypto: disable gpg version printing
2013-11-28 David Bremnervim: NEWS for vim interface
2013-11-27 David Bremnerdebian: remove warning about emacs24
2013-11-27 David Bremnerutil: detect byte order
2013-11-25 David BremnerNEWS: News for big endian sha1 bug fix.
2013-11-25 David Bremnerlib: fix byte order test in libsha1.c
2013-11-24 David Bremnerdebian: disable gdb as a build-dependency on s390x
2013-11-24 Ben GamariAdd NEWS entry for notmuch-compact
2013-11-24 David Bremnerdebian: add notmuch_database_compact to symbols file. 0.17_rc1 debian/0.17_rc1-1
2013-11-24 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for release candidate
2013-11-24 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.17~rc1
2013-11-24 David BremnerNEWS: remove blank line.
2013-11-24 David Bremnertest: replace $PWD with YYY in emacs & emacs-show tests
2013-11-20 Mark Waltersemacs: show: stop stderr appearing in buffer
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: add help file
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: check compose is done on delete
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: remove unnecessary buffer queue
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: add wrapper for old variable names
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: move default sets to set_defaults()
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: rename public notmuch_rb variables
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: rename internal notmuch_rb variables
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: add option to compose new messages
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: refactor open_reply()
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: trivial cleanup
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: don't execute search if it's cancelled
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: generate custom message-id
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: split $email_address
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: allow calling with arguments
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: add option to save the patches of a patch series
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: use much clearer sort constant
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: show first message of the thread
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: refactor database handling
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: use notmuch fields
2013-11-20 Felipe Contrerasvim: don't automatically refresh after tagging
2013-11-20 Charlie Allomvim: run mutt in default term
2013-11-20 Jani NikulaNEWS: insert quotable parts in reply as they are displa...
2013-11-20 Mark Waltersemacs: do not put quoted reply in primary selection
2013-11-20 Tomi Ollilacompact: improve error messages on failures after compa...
2013-11-20 Tomi Ollilacompact: unconditionally remove old wip database compac...
2013-11-20 Tomi Ollilacompact: preserve backup database until compacted datab...
2013-11-18 Tomi Ollilacompact: catch Xapian::Error consistently
2013-11-18 Tomi Ollilacompact: tidy formatting
2013-11-16 Mark WaltersNews for tree-view
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: use remap for the over-ridden global bindings
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: add a special function to deal with remaps
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: add base-keymap
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: split out notmuch-describe-key as a function
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: remove duplicate bindings
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: save-match-data
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: check for nil key binding
2013-11-14 Austin Clementsemacs: Correct documentation of `notmuch-poll-script'
2013-11-14 Tomi OllilaNEWS: emacs: fix notmuch-mua-reply point placement
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersremove notmuch-pick
2013-11-13 Austin ClementsAccumulated news for Austin's changes
2013-11-11 Jani Nikulacompletion: update bash completion
2013-11-11 Tomi Olliladevel/ check NOTMUCH_(MAJOR|MINOR...
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix search tagging races
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Add known-broken tests for search tagging races
2013-11-09 Austin ClementsAdd TODO about more efficient stable thread queries
2013-11-09 Austin Clementssearch: Add stable queries to thread search results
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Use notmuch tag --batch for large tag queries
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Support passing input via `notmuch-call-notmuch-*'
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Move `notmuch-call-notmuch-process' to notmuch-lib
2013-11-09 Austin Clementstest: Fix missing erase-buffer in emacs test
2013-11-09 Austin Clementslib: Document extent of some return values
2013-11-09 Austin Clementscli: Separate current and deprecated format version
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsschemata: Disambiguate non-terminal names
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulaman: document notmuch compact --quiet and --backup...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulacli: add compact --quiet option and silence output...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: add library version check macro
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move the show entry to tree into show.el
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: add z to common keymap
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move search based tree functions to notmuch.el
2013-11-07 Mark Walterstest: tree: remove require from tests
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: minimal change to load notmuch-tree by default
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: remove test for emacs from tree test
2013-11-07 Mark Walterstest: move emacs-tree test into mainline
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: add tree to the makefile
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move notmuch-tree from contrib to mainline
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: remove unneeded declarations
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move notmuch-help to lib
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulacli: add compact --backup=DIRECTORY option, don't backu...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulacli: return error status if compaction fails
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: use the compaction backup path provided by the...
2013-11-07 David Bremnerlib: update documentation of callback functions for...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: add closure parameter to compact status update...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: do not leak the database in compaction
2013-11-06 Jani Nikulalib: check talloc success in compact
2013-11-06 Jani Nikulalib: construct compactor within try block to catch...
2013-11-06 David Bremnertest: fix compact backup / restore test
2013-11-02 Felipe Contrerasquery: bind queries to database objects
2013-10-31 Ben Gamaritest: Add compact test
2013-10-31 Jani Nikulalib: fix build on !HAVE_XAPIAN_COMPACT