python: Improve documentation
[notmuch] / bindings /
2011-06-15 Sebastian Spaethpython: Improve documentation
2011-06-15 Sebastian Spaethpython: Implement Message.__cmp__ and __hash__
2011-06-15 Sebastian Spaethpython: Remove Messages().__len__
2011-06-02 Sebastian Spaethbindings/python: Bump bindings version to 0.6
2011-06-02 Sebastian Spaethbindings/python: Implement Tags().__nonzero__()
2011-06-02 Sebastian Spaethbindings/python: implement Threads().__nonzero__
2011-06-02 Sebastian Spaethbindings/python: Include the new get_filenames in the...
2011-06-02 Sebastian Spaethbindings/python: Implement Message().get_filenames()
2011-05-24 Carl Worthpython: Update README to talkabout notmuch, not cnotmuch
2011-03-16 James Vasilepython: Remove completed TODO item
2011-03-10 Carl WorthMerge remote branch 'amdragon/search-perf-3'
2011-02-03 Sebastien Binetupdate for go-release-2011-02-01:
2011-02-02 Ali Polatelruby: Add generated files to .gitignore
2011-01-26 Sebastien BinetMigrate to goconfig pkg
2011-01-26 Sebastien Binetbindings/go: Add a todo file
2011-01-26 Sebastien BinetA minor, cosmetic change
2011-01-26 Sebastien BinetInitial import of Go bindings for notmuch
2011-01-25 Ali Polatelruby: Add wrapper for message_get_filenames
2011-01-25 Ali Polatelruby: Add wrappers for maildir sync. interface
2011-01-25 Ali Polatelruby: Add wrappers for query_get_s{ort,tring}
2011-01-13 Sebastian Spaethpython: Update metainformation to point to new URL...
2010-11-08 Carl WorthMerge in ruby bindings.
2010-10-28 Sebastian Spaethpython: lambda(p) is not P3k-compliant
2010-10-28 Sebastian Spaethpython: Import explicit including package name
2010-06-06 Ali Polatelruby: Don't barf if an object is destroyed more than...
2010-06-06 Ali Polatelruby: Use rb_scan_args()
2010-06-06 Ali Polatelruby: Kill garbage collection related cruft.
2010-06-06 Ali Polatelruby: First attempt at fixing gc for ruby-1.9
2010-06-06 Ali Polatelruby: fix documentation of DB.upgrade!
2010-06-06 Ali PolatelInitial ruby bindings
2010-05-18 Sebastian Spaethpython: have docs reflect current return value behavior
2010-04-23 Sebastian Spaethpython: Add UNSORTED as Query.SORT option
2010-04-23 Sebastian Spaethpython: Delete unused files
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMerge Sebastian Spaeth's python bindings into bindings...
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMove everything down into a bindings/python directory.