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2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskidebug code to measure how long calls to system() take
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake control-p go to previous message
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskilot more stubs for future keybindings
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiimplemented folding bodies and headers
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimore endless toil with syntax
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix after merge, --reverse replaced with --sort=
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicrude order toggle
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded search filtering
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded support for archive command
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicleanup calls to script functions, use <SID>
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix showing thread
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded tagging and refresh to search screen
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadd dummy entries to search screen keymap
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskidefine keymap for show screen as a dictionary
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicleanup default handling code
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake search screen mappings configurable via dictionary
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake it possible to set config options from outside...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskitoggle signatures and citations with s/c respectively
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifix a corner case with folding a single line citation
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded ^n to handle walking messages
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskipretty colouring and folding for message show
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiparsing rewritten one more time
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskicompletely rewritten show handling
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifirst attempt to fold the message nicely
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskifolding for citations
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskinaively fold all signatures
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskigrab all the pattern matchers from the emacs script
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimake <Enter> from search screen display the correct...
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiupdated README
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadd 's' binding to let you search for different terms
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskireverse order so that the latest is at top
2009-11-25 Bart TrojanowskiREADME
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskisimplify install with a Makefile
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiadded syntax files for search and show screens
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskimove from search to show with Enter, and back with q
2009-11-25 Bart Trojanowskiprimitive notmuch mail interface for vim
2009-11-25 Carl Worthnotmuch.el: Quote arguments to protect from shell inter...
2009-11-25 Carl Worthnotmuch.el: Exceute "notmuch search" asynchronously.
2009-11-24 Carl WorthMerge buttons-for-body-and-headers branch.
2009-11-24 Alexander Botero... Remove the global expand body keymapping
2009-11-24 Carl Worthlib/messages.c: Make message searches stream as well.
2009-11-24 Alexander Botero... Make bodies locally toggleable
2009-11-24 Alexander Botero... make a nice function for generating invisibility toggle...
2009-11-24 Alexander Botero... cleanup a lot of left-overs from the global invis
2009-11-24 Alexander Botero... make headers locally expandable/collapsable
2009-11-24 Carl Worthlib/query: Drop the first and max_messages arguments...
2009-11-24 Carl Worthlib/query: Fix notmuch_threads_t to stream results...
2009-11-24 Carl Worthnotmuch search: Remove the chunked-searching hack.
2009-11-24 Carl Worthnotmuch.el: Add TAB and M-TAB buttons to move between...
2009-11-24 Carl WorthFix printing of literal '%' in help message.
2009-11-24 Jed BrownMake addresses case insensitive for the purpose of...
2009-11-24 Jed BrownStay out of tmp to respect the Maildir spec.
2009-11-23 Carl Worthsearch : Extend "intial burst" optimization to return...
2009-11-23 Carl WorthAdd rudimentary date-based search.
2009-11-23 Keith PackardAdd notmuch-folder mode to provide an overview of searc...
2009-11-23 Keith PackardAdd 'notmuch count' command to show the count of matchi...
2009-11-23 Keith PackardMake mouse-1 click in search view show thread
2009-11-23 Carl WorthTODO: Yet another idea.
2009-11-23 Adrian PerezANSI escapes in "new" only when output is a tty
2009-11-23 Bart Trojanowskifix notmuch-new bug when database path ends with a...
2009-11-23 Carl WorthTODO: Add a couple of notes about things to do with...
2009-11-23 Jan Janakmakefile: Declare clean target as phony.
2009-11-23 Carl WorthTODO: Capturing even more ideas.
2009-11-23 Carl WorthTODO: A couple of more ideas for improving the emacs...
2009-11-23 Alec BerrymanSupport multiple configuration files via $NOTMUCH_CONFIG
2009-11-23 Carl WorthTODO: Add several ideas for improving the emacs interface.
2009-11-23 Keith PackardInsert signature into replies
2009-11-23 Jed BrownQuote file names passed to the shell
2009-11-23 Adrian PerezSupport for printing file paths in new command
2009-11-22 Carl WorthMerge remote branch 'drax/master'
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... switch to button-1, which seems to interact poorly...
2009-11-22 Carl WorthTODO: Add a bunch of ideas that have been on my mind...
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... instead of trying to cause a redisplay, actually do...
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... put a newline after the headers
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... make header names bold in show-mode
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... Make expanding/collapsing signatures and citations...
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... buttonize signatures as well
2009-11-22 Alexander Botero... Buttonize citation expander.
2009-11-22 Kan-Ru Chennotmuch-show: Show message part using UTF-8.
2009-11-22 James RoweMissing final semi-colon in .desktop's Categories.
2009-11-22 Kan-Ru ChenFix invalid face reference.
2009-11-22 Chris Wilsonnotmuch-new: Only print the regular progress report...
2009-11-22 Chris Wilsonnotmuch-new: Only install SIGALRM if not running under gdb
2009-11-22 Chris Wilsonlib/database.cc: coding style
2009-11-22 Carl WorthMakefile: Fix to work even with GZIP environment variab...
2009-11-22 Chris WilsonMakefile: Magic silent rules.
2009-11-22 Carl Worthadd_message: Use sha-1 in place of overly long message ID.
2009-11-22 Carl Worthget_timestamp: Ensure that return value is 0 in case...
2009-11-22 Carl WorthCatch and optionally print about exception at database...
2009-11-22 Carl WorthAdd a missing print after catching an exception.
2009-11-22 Carl WorthPrint information about where Xapian exception occurred.
2009-11-21 Holger Freythernotmuch-config: Fix memleaks.
2009-11-21 Chris Wilsonnotmuch new: Fix to actually open the database READ_WRITE.
2009-11-21 Carl WorthFix freak case problem that broke the compile.
2009-11-21 Chris WilsonPermit opening the notmuch database in read-only mode.
2009-11-21 Carl WorthINSTALL/notmuch.el: More details on how to install...
2009-11-21 Stefan SchmidtINSTALL: emacs install dokumentation.
2009-11-21 Carl WorthRevert "notmuch: Add Maildir directory name as tag...
2009-11-21 Carl WorthTODO: Add notes on portability, and remove completed...