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NEWS: cli exit status codes
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2014-05-01 Jani NikulaNEWS: cli exit status codes
2014-05-01 Jani NikulaNEWS: notmuch insert respects maildir.synchronize_flags
2014-05-01 David BremnerNEWS: add overview section for 0.18
2014-04-28 Jani NikulaNEWS: message header parser changes
2014-04-28 Jani NikulaNEWS: mbox files are no longer supported
2014-04-28 Jani NikulaNEWS: folder:, path:, and database upgrade
2014-04-28 Jani NikulaNEWS: replies to encrypted messages encrypted by default
2014-04-26 Tomi OllilaNEWS: Ido initialization for Emacs 23.[123]
2014-04-22 David BremnerNEWS: bump version
2014-04-20 Mark WaltersNEWS for displaying tag changes
2014-04-19 Austin ClementsNews for changes from Austin Clements
2014-04-18 Tomi OllilaNEWS: notmuch-init-file and notmuch-emacs-version relat...
2014-04-17 W. Trevor KingNEWS: Document the recent 'nmbug clone' and @{upstream...
2014-04-15 Mark WaltersNEWS: document possible breakage from saved-search...
2014-04-11 Mark WaltersNews for emacs saved-searches change.
2014-03-03 David BremnerNEWS: note closing of id:87ty19pi85.fsf@zancas.localnet
2014-03-03 David BremnerNEWS: note closing of bug id:87wqhcxb5j.fsf@maritornes...
2014-03-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-5'
2014-02-22 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-4'
2014-01-24 David Bremnernotmuch dump: default to batch-tag format.
2013-12-31 David BremnerMerge tag '0.17'
2013-12-31 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.17
2013-12-29 David BremnerMerge tag '0.17_rc4'
2013-12-28 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.17~rc4
2013-12-07 David Bremnerversion: bump version
2013-12-01 Mark WaltersNews updates for Mark's bugfixes
2013-11-29 David BremnerNEWS: bump date 0.17_rc2
2013-11-28 David Bremnervim: NEWS for vim interface
2013-11-25 David BremnerNEWS: News for big endian sha1 bug fix.
2013-11-24 Ben GamariAdd NEWS entry for notmuch-compact
2013-11-24 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.17~rc1
2013-11-24 David BremnerNEWS: remove blank line.
2013-11-20 Jani NikulaNEWS: insert quotable parts in reply as they are displa...
2013-11-16 Mark WaltersNews for tree-view
2013-11-14 Tomi OllilaNEWS: emacs: fix notmuch-mua-reply point placement
2013-11-13 Austin ClementsAccumulated news for Austin's changes
2013-10-07 Austin ClementsNews for Emacs help improvements
2013-08-24 Jani NikulaNEWS: cli options for improved duplicate message handling
2013-08-03 David Bremnerrelease: synchronize dates 0.16
2013-07-28 David Bremnerversion: set new version and release date
2013-07-28 Austin ClementsPut 0.16 NEWS in a reasonable order
2013-07-22 Austin Clementsemacs: News for S-expressions everywhere
2013-07-20 Tomi OllilaNEWS: Python bindings: Fix loading of libnotmuch on...
2013-07-20 Peter WangNEWS: announce insert command
2013-06-25 Tomi Ollilarevert: Removed top level --stderr= option
2013-06-04 Austin Clementsnews: Be louder about s/v/o/| on part buttons going...
2013-06-03 Felipe ContrerasNEWS: update news about the vim interface
2013-06-02 Jani NikulaNEWS: key bindings for next/previous thread
2013-06-01 Austin ClementsNews for S-expression support in Emacs search mode
2013-06-01 Austin ClementsNews for Emacs part handling changes
2013-05-29 Tomi OllilaNEWS: added information about new --stderr=FILE top...
2013-05-26 Jani NikulaNEWS: a bunch of cli news since 0.15
2013-05-26 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-05-25 Tomi OllilaNEWS: No Emacs 22 support
2013-03-30 Jani NikulaNEWS: bash completion
2013-02-28 Tomi OllilaNEWS: one typo fixed and 0.15.1 header line tidied up
2013-02-19 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-02-17 David BremnerNEWS: News for 0.15.2
2013-02-16 David Bremnernotmuch-vim: deprecate, move to contrib
2013-01-25 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-01-24 David BremnerNEWS: update for 0.15.1
2013-01-23 David BremnerCLI: remove alias machinery, and "part", "search-tags...
2013-01-22 Tomi OllilaNEWS: correction to section 0.15 for markdown processing
2013-01-19 David Bremnerversion: update to 0.15 0.15 debian/0.15-1
2013-01-19 Mark WaltersNEWS: document that print message prints all parts...
2013-01-18 David BremnerNEWS: describe 'batch-tag' dump/restore/tag
2013-01-17 David Bremnerversion: set version to 0.15~rc1
2012-12-25 Mark WaltersNEWS for emacs part visibility change
2012-12-23 Jani NikulaNEWS: emacs: hello point placement, tagging customizati...
2012-12-23 Jani NikulaNEWS: notmuch search --format=text0
2012-12-21 Austin Clementsnews: Promote some things to a general section
2012-12-21 Austin ClementsNews for changes from Austin Clements
2012-12-10 Tomi OllilaNEWS: under-the-hood Emacs interface fixes
2012-12-06 Jani NikulaNEWS: removal of notmuch-folders
2012-12-01 markwalters1009news: add news entry for notmuch-pick
2012-11-16 Tomi OllilaNEWS (for 0.15): Added note about Bcc & Reply-To header...
2012-10-31 Jani NikulaNEWS: date range search support
2012-10-27 Austin ClementsNews for restrictions on tag names
2012-08-29 Tomi OllilaNEWS: 2 minor consistency changes in sections 0.13...
2012-08-20 David BremnerNEWS: set date for release.
2012-08-14 Austin ClementsNews for new 'previous' behavior
2012-08-12 Mark Waltersemacs: notmuch search bugfix
2012-08-06 David BremnerNEWS: discuss changes for dump and restore syntax.
2012-07-24 Austin ClementsNews for search cleanups
2012-07-12 Austin ClementsNews for JSON-based search
2012-06-10 Austin ClementsNews for updated maildir sync semantics
2012-06-03 David BremnerMerge tag '0.13.2'
2012-06-02 David BremnerNEWS: update for 0.13.2
2012-05-29 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-05-28 David BremnerNEWS: add item about ruby bindings. 0.13.1
2012-05-26 David Bremnerfix release date for 0.13.1
2012-05-26 Austin ClementsNEWS for directory function fixes
2012-05-25 Tomi OllilaNEWS: started 0.13.1 stanza: fix decoding of text/plain...
2012-05-24 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-05-17 Tomi OllilaNEWS: Capitalized go bindings changes title
2012-05-17 Tomi OllilaNEWS: Insert markdown formatting commands in 0.13 secti...
2012-05-17 Tomi OllilaNEWS: Changed 0.13 release date in NEWS file to 2012...
2012-05-17 Tomi OllilaNEWS: Dropped old 'Reply to sender' section
2012-05-15 Jameson Graef Rollinsadd NEWS item about new emacs tagging interface.
2012-05-15 Austin Clementsnews: Update for changes to notmuch_database_get_directory