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emacs: push mark before signature on reply
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2014-03-30 Jani Nikulaemacs: push mark before signature on reply
2014-03-04 Austin Clementsemacs: Simplify and fix `notmuch-mua-prompt-for-sender'
2014-03-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-5'
2014-02-22 Austin Clementsemacs: Build forwarded message buffer more directly
2014-02-22 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-4'
2014-02-03 Tomi Ollilaemacs: initialize ido(-completing-read) in emacs 23...
2013-11-20 Mark Waltersemacs: do not put quoted reply in primary selection
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: Improve interactive use documentation
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: `notmuch-mua-new-reply' is also not interactive
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: `notmuch-mua-new-forward-message' is not interactive
2013-09-09 Tomi Ollilaemacs: fix notmuch-mua-reply point placement when signa...
2013-09-05 Jani Nikulaemacs: insert quotable parts in reply as they are displ...
2013-07-20 Tomi Ollilaemacs: dropped rest of now-unused JSON functionality
2013-06-25 Austin Clementsemacs: Use S-exp format everywhere
2012-12-16 Austin Clementsemacs: Use --format-version for search, show, and reply
2012-12-16 Austin Clementsemacs: Factor out synchronous notmuch JSON invocations
2012-05-06 Michal Sojkaemacs: Do not pass stderr of notmuch reply to JSON...
2012-05-06 Thomas Jostemacs: Let the user choose where to compose new mails
2012-05-06 Adam Wolfe Gordonemacs: Correctly quote non-text/plain parts in reply
2012-04-02 Adam Wolfe Gordonemacs: Fix the References header in reply
2012-04-02 Adam Wolfe Gordonemacs: Fix two bugs in reply
2012-03-20 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.12-1'
2012-03-20 David BremnerMerge tag '0.12'
2012-03-20 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-03-20 Adam Wolfe Gordonemacs: Use the new JSON reply format and message-cite...
2012-03-11 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-03-11 Jani Nikulaemacs: fix MML quoting in replies
2012-02-04 David Bremneremacs: use mark instead of point-max in MML quoting.
2012-02-04 David BremnerMerge commit '0.11.1'
2012-02-03 Aaron Ecayemacs: quote MML tags in replies
2012-01-19 Pieter Praetemacs: logically group def{custom,face}s
2012-01-14 Jani Nikulaemacs: add support for replying just to the sender
2012-01-14 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-01-10 David Edmondsonemacs: Mark the quoted region during reply.
2011-12-22 Jani Nikulaemacs: Fix notmuch-mua-user-agent defcustom
2011-12-18 Aaron EcayAdd an argument to notmuch-mua-mail
2011-09-05 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch 'master' of ssh://notmuchmail.org/git...
2011-08-25 Tomi Ollilafix checking whether header is member of message-hidden...
2011-06-03 Thomas Jostemacs: Cleaner interface when prompting for sender...
2011-06-03 Thomas Jostemacs: Don't always prompt for the "From" address when...
2011-05-27 Jameson Graef Rollinsemacs: Add support for PGP/MIME verification/decryption
2011-05-26 Thomas Jostemacs: Add a customization allowing to always prompt...
2011-05-26 Thomas Jostemacs: Allow the user to choose the "From" address...
2011-05-26 Thomas Jostemacs: Allow the user to choose the "From" address...
2011-05-26 Thomas Jostemacs: Allow the user to choose the "From" address...
2011-05-26 Thomas Jostemacs: Helpers needed for the user to be able to choose...
2010-11-08 Carl WorthMerge in ruby bindings.
2010-10-28 Carl Worthemacs: Eliminate duplicate From header in replies.
2010-10-28 Carl Worthemacs: Explicitly set the From address when composing...
2010-06-04 Sebastian Spaethadd missing docstring for functions
2010-06-04 Sebastian Spaethemacs: Reuse rather than reinvent message header filtering
2010-04-27 Carl Worthemacs: Use message-signature-separator rather than...
2010-04-26 Dirk HohndelPut signatures at the very end of the message
2010-04-26 David Edmondsonemacs: More DWIM when editing messages
2010-04-26 David Edmondsonemacs: Hide the "User-Agent:" when composing messages
2010-04-26 David Edmondsonemacs: Automatically load "notmuch-address"
2010-04-26 David Edmondsonemacs: Sort headers when composing
2010-04-26 David Edmondsonemacs: Suppress window creation when replying
2010-04-23 David Edmondsonemacs: Re-arrange message sending code