util: Fix two corner-cases in boolean term quoting function
[notmuch] / emacs /
2014-03-05 Jani Nikulaemacs: use the originating buffer's working directory...
2014-03-04 Austin Clementsemacs: Simplify and fix `notmuch-mua-prompt-for-sender'
2014-03-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-5'
2014-02-26 David Bremneremacs: remove newlines from input to notmuch count...
2014-02-22 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix `notmuch-user-other-email' when no other...
2014-02-22 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix exception when fetching empty or unconfigure...
2014-02-22 Austin Clementsemacs: Build forwarded message buffer more directly
2014-02-22 Austin Clementsemacs: Avoid rebuilding .eldeps even when there's nothi...
2014-02-22 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-4'
2014-02-16 Jed Brownemacs: update alist for mail-archive.com API change
2014-02-03 Tomi Ollilaemacs: initialize ido(-completing-read) in emacs 23...
2014-01-30 Tomi Ollilaemacs: ad-activate 'mm-shr after ad-disable-advice...
2014-01-26 David Bremneremacs: add notmuch-assert-cli-sane to notmuch-hello
2014-01-26 David Bremneremacs: add function notmuch-assert-cli-sane
2014-01-26 David Bremneremacs: add a function to heuristically test if the...
2014-01-18 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: use tag-format-tags
2014-01-18 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: default face for matching/non-matching...
2014-01-13 Mark Waltersemacs: tree remove comma separator tags
2014-01-13 Tomi Ollilaemacs: Makefile.local: HAVE_EMACS usage fixes
2014-01-12 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-3'
2014-01-03 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: bare-id in tree
2014-01-01 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-2'
2013-12-31 David BremnerMerge tag '0.17'
2013-12-29 David BremnerMerge tag '0.17_rc4'
2013-12-09 Mark Waltersemacs: add '?' to some prefix keymaps to describe its...
2013-11-20 Mark Waltersemacs: show: stop stderr appearing in buffer
2013-11-20 Mark Waltersemacs: do not put quoted reply in primary selection
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: tree: use remap for the over-ridden global bindings
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: add a special function to deal with remaps
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: add base-keymap
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: split out notmuch-describe-key as a function
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: remove duplicate bindings
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: save-match-data
2013-11-14 Mark Waltersemacs: help: check for nil key binding
2013-11-14 Austin Clementsemacs: Correct documentation of `notmuch-poll-script'
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix search tagging races
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Use notmuch tag --batch for large tag queries
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Support passing input via `notmuch-call-notmuch-*'
2013-11-09 Austin Clementsemacs: Move `notmuch-call-notmuch-process' to notmuch-lib
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move the show entry to tree into show.el
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: add z to common keymap
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move search based tree functions to notmuch.el
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: minimal change to load notmuch-tree by default
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: add tree to the makefile
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move notmuch-tree from contrib to mainline
2013-11-07 Mark Waltersemacs: move notmuch-help to lib
2013-10-27 Austin Clementsemacs: Add a space after completed tag operations
2013-10-27 Austin Clementsemacs: Sanitize authors and subjects in search and...
2013-10-26 Austin Clementsemacs: Remove interactive behavior of `notmuch-tag'
2013-10-26 Austin Clementsemacs: Use interactive specifications for tag changes...
2013-10-26 Austin Clementsemacs: Use interactive specifications for tag changes...
2013-10-26 Austin Clementsemacs: Take prompt and current tags in `notmuch-read...
2013-10-26 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix misuse of `notmuch-tag'
2013-10-20 Mark Waltersemacs: show: use interactive instead of current-prefix-arg
2013-10-12 Gregor Zattleremacs: distinguish tag `flagged' on terminal
2013-10-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Improved `notmuch-describe-keymap' documentation
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: Improve interactive use documentation
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: Support overriding help and describing prefix...
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: Clean up a few documentation strings
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: `notmuch-mua-new-reply' is also not interactive
2013-10-07 Austin Clementsemacs: `notmuch-mua-new-forward-message' is not interactive
2013-09-15 Mark Waltersemacs: bugfix unquoted symbol
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Move ?, q, s, m, =, and G to the common keymap
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Define a common shared keymap for all of notmuch
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Make notmuch-help work with arbitrary keymaps
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Add unified refresh-this-buffer function
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Move `notmuch-poll' to notmuch-lib
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Remove notmuch-search quit continuation
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Bind "s" to notmuch-search in hello-mode
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Refresh hello whenever the user switches to...
2013-09-10 Austin Clementsemacs: Consistently use configured sort order
2013-09-10 Istvan Markoemacs: add buttons for all multipart/related parts
2013-09-10 Mark Waltersemacs: show: lazy part handling bugfix
2013-09-09 Tomi Ollilaemacs: fix notmuch-mua-reply point placement when signa...
2013-09-05 Jani Nikulaemacs: insert quotable parts in reply as they are displ...
2013-08-27 Tomi Ollilaemacs: removed 3 duplicate functions from notmuch-show.el
2013-07-31 Mark Waltersemacs: bugfix attachment content-type as mime-type... 0.16_rc2
2013-07-27 Mark Waltersemacs: hello: make --batch error gracefully
2013-07-20 Tomi Ollilaemacs: dropped rest of now-unused JSON functionality
2013-06-25 Austin Clementsemacs: Remove `notmuch-call-notmuch-json'
2013-06-25 Austin Clementsemacs: Use S-exp format everywhere
2013-06-25 Austin Clementsemacs: Introduce `notmuch-call-notmuch-sexp'
2013-06-25 Austin Clementsemacs: Remove v command
2013-06-25 Jani Nikulaemacs: update search sort order help to match code
2013-06-25 Mark Waltersemacs: show: change emacs interactive pipe message.
2013-06-12 Mark Waltersemacs: show: implement lazy hidden part handling
2013-06-12 Mark Waltersemacs: show move addition of :notmuch-part to separate...
2013-06-12 Mark Waltersemacs: show: modify the way hidden state is recorded.
2013-06-12 Mark Waltersemacs: show: pass button to create-overlays
2013-06-12 Mark Waltersemacs: show: move the insertion of the header button...
2013-06-12 Mark Waltersemacs: show: fake wash parts are handled at insert...
2013-06-12 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix "no such file or directory" error
2013-06-12 Austin Clementsemacs: Don't report CLI signals sent by Emacs as errors
2013-06-08 Servilio Afre Puentesemacs: hello: allow deleting individual searches in...
2013-06-08 Servilio Afre Puentesemacs: hello: ask confirmation for clearing recent...
2013-06-04 Austin Clementsemacs: Fix applying stickiness to the :notmuch-part...
2013-06-02 David Bremneremacs: update .gitignore
2013-06-02 David Bremneremacs: add `notmuch-archive-tags' cross references...
2013-06-02 David Bremneremacs: remove hardcoded defaults values from docstrings
2013-06-02 David Bremneremacs: replace setq + let with let*