notmuch.Database.remove_message should raise exception on failure
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2016-02-11 Daniel Kahn Gillmornotmuch.Database.remove_message should raise exception...
2016-01-08 Justus Winterpython: cleanup imports
2015-12-11 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: add notmuch.Database.status_string()
2014-10-25 David BremnerMerge tag '0.18.2'
2014-10-25 David BremnerMerge tag '0.18.2_rc1'
2014-09-16 Peter Wangpython: handle return status of database close and...
2013-05-26 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-02-19 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-01-25 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-01-23 Justus Winterpython: fix the creation of notmuch databases
2012-12-21 Justus Winterpython: remove Database.db_p
2012-06-03 David BremnerMerge tag '0.13.2'
2012-05-29 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-05-24 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-05-24 Austin Clementspython: Remove find_message_by_filename workaround
2012-05-24 Austin Clementspython: Update Database.get_directory documentation
2012-05-17 Justus Winterpython: deprecate Database.db_p
2012-05-17 Justus Winterpython: add a file abstracting away differences between...
2012-05-17 Justus Winterpython: Fix the remaining broken NULL pointer tests
2012-05-17 Justus Winterpython: use relative imports
2012-05-15 Austin Clementspython: Update for changes to notmuch_database_get_dire...
2012-05-05 Austin Clementspython: Update Python bindings for new notmuch_database...
2012-04-30 Justus Winterpython: remove a note stating wrong things about the...
2012-04-30 Justus Winterpython: document the Database.close function
2012-04-30 Justus Winterpython: fix NULL pointer tests
2012-04-29 Justus Winterpython: strip superfluous single quote from copyright...
2012-04-28 Justus Winterpython: wrap and use notmuch_database_destroy as destructor
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: move the exception classes into
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: refactor the python bindings
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: work around libnotmuch calling exit(3) in Datab...
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: improve the docstring of Database.find_message_...
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: work around libnotmuch calling exit(3) in Datab...
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: Improve the docstring of Database.get_directory
2012-02-22 Justus Winterpython: avoid using a magic value for database mode...
2012-02-21 Justus Winterpython: fix the type nonsense of the first parameter...
2012-02-20 Justus Winterpython: allow an empty path as parameter to Database...
2012-02-20 Justus Winterpython: remove :returns: keywords from functions return...
2012-02-20 Justus Winterpython: rework Directory.set_mtime
2012-02-20 Justus Winterpython: harmonize the sphinx keyword for exceptions
2012-02-20 Justus Winterpython: refactor the error handling machinery
2012-02-18 Justus Winterpython: more error handling fixes
2012-02-18 Justus Winterpython: move Query class to its own file
2012-02-15 Justus Winterpython: implement the context manager protocol for...
2012-02-15 Justus Winterpython: provide a Database.close function
2012-02-10 Justus Winterpy3k: Fix decoding of default database name in Database...
2012-02-04 David BremnerMerge commit '0.11.1'
2012-01-23 Justus Winterpython: fix error handling
2012-01-22 Justus Winterpython: fix error handling
2012-01-14 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-01-02 Sebastian Spaethpython: str.decode() doesn't like kwargs in python 2.5
2012-01-02 Justus Winterpython: add missing conversions from and to utf-8
2012-01-02 Justus Winterpy3k: Rename .next() to __next__(), add python2.x compa...
2012-01-02 Justus Winterpy3k: The ConfigParser module has been renamed to confi...
2011-12-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-12-06 Sebastian Spaethpython: Remove stray debug comment
2011-12-06 Thomas Jostpython: use wrapped notmuch_*_t types instead of raw...
2011-12-06 Patrick Totzkeremove unused imports
2011-12-06 Patrick Totzkefix sphinx compile-time warnings
2011-12-06 Patrick Totzkepep8 fixes
2011-12-01 Justus Winterpython: annotate all calls into libnotmuch with types
2011-10-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: help function Query._assert_query_is_initialized
2011-10-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: clean up docstrings and API documentation
2011-10-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: whitespace fixed in docstrings
2011-10-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: Catch up with find_message(by_filename) API...
2011-09-30 Sebastian Spaethpython: rework creating of Subclasses
2011-09-30 Justus Winterpython: provide more exception classes
2011-09-29 Sebastian Spaethpython: Add new functions in API documentation
2011-09-29 Sebastian Spaethpython: Improve code documentation
2011-09-29 Justus Winterproperly raise exceptions in python bindings
2011-09-29 Justus Winterpython: rename _verify_dir_initialized to _assert_dir_i...
2011-09-29 Justus Winterpython: rename _verify_initialized_db to _assert_db_is_...
2011-09-28 Sebastian Spaethpython: add begin|end_atomic bindings
2011-09-28 Sebastian Spaethpython: Add database_find_message_by_filename bindings
2011-09-16 Martin Owenspython: Ensure that we pass utf-8 encoded string to...
2011-09-05 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-09-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: Make Database take unicode paths
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for
2011-08-09 Sebastian Spaethpython: Really throw an error if search_threads() fails
2011-07-18 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6.1'
2011-07-11 Sebastian Spaethpython: Encode query string as a utf-8 byte array
2011-07-10 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6'
2011-07-08 Sebastian Spaethpython: Fix Database().needs_upgrade()
2011-06-30 Sebastian Spaethpython: Do not implicitely call maildir_flags_to_tags etc
2011-06-24 Sebastian Spaethpython: Do not implicitely call maildir_flags_to_tags etc
2011-06-16 Sebastian Spaethpython: Bulletproof Database() path parameter
2011-06-16 Sebastian SpaethImplement Message.tags_to_maildir_flags
2010-05-18 Sebastian Spaethpython: have docs reflect current return value behavior
2010-04-23 Sebastian Spaethpython: Add UNSORTED as Query.SORT option
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMerge Sebastian Spaeth's python bindings into bindings...
2010-04-22 Carl WorthMove everything down into a bindings/python directory.