test: Test upgrade to ghost messages feature
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2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Enable ghost messages feature
2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Implement upgrade to ghost messages feature
2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Implement ghost-based thread linking
2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Internal support for querying and creating ghost...
2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Introduce macros for bit operations
2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Update database schema doc for ghost messages
2014-10-25 Austin Clementslib: Add a ghost messages database feature
2014-10-25 David BremnerMerge tag '0.18.2'
2014-10-25 David BremnerMerge tag '0.18.2_rc1'
2014-10-11 Austin Clementslib: Handle empty date value
2014-10-11 Austin Clementslib: Refactor _notmuch_database_link_message
2014-10-11 Austin Clementslib: Move message ID compression to _notmuch_message_cr...
2014-10-03 Austin Clementslib: Simplify close and codify aborting atomic section
2014-09-24 Jani Nikulalib: actually return failures from notmuch_message_tags...
2014-09-16 Peter Wanglib: bump soname
2014-09-13 Gaute Hopenotmuch_thread_get_authors: document match grouping...
2014-09-02 Austin Clementslib: Fix endless upgrade problem
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Update doc of notmuch_database_{needs_upgrade...
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Return an error from operations that require an...
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Support empty header values in database
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Report progress for combined upgrade operation
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Reorganize upgrade around document types
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Use database features to drive upgrade
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Simplify upgrade code using a transaction
2014-08-30 Austin Clementslib: Database version 3: Introduce fine-grained "features"
2014-08-17 Michal SojkaMake parsing of References and In-Reply-To header less...
2014-08-09 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.18.1-2'
2014-08-05 Austin Clementslib: Improve documentation of _notmuch_message_create_f...
2014-08-04 Austin Clementslib: Fix slight misinformation in the database schema doc
2014-08-04 Austin Clementslib: Invalidate message metadata in _notmuch_message_ge...
2014-07-13 Charles Celerierlib: Start all function names in notmuch-private.h...
2014-07-09 Jani Nikulalib: add return status to database close and destroy
2014-06-22 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2014-06-18 Austin Clementslib: Separate all phrases indexed by _notmuch_message_g...
2014-06-18 Austin Clementslib: Index name and address of from/to headers as a...
2014-06-14 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2014-06-14 Jani Nikulalib: resurrect support for single-message mbox files
2014-04-18 David Bremnerbuild: add canonicalize_file_name to symbols exported...
2014-04-05 Jani Nikulalib: replace the header parser with gmime
2014-04-05 Jani Nikulalib: drop support for single-message mbox files
2014-03-11 Jani Nikulalib: make folder: prefix literal
2014-03-11 Jani Nikulalib: add support for path: prefix searches
2014-03-11 Jani Nikulalib: refactor folder term update after filename removal
2014-03-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-5'
2014-02-22 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-4'
2014-02-13 Gaute Hopedoc: notmuch_result_move_to_next -> notmuch_tags_move_t...
2014-01-26 David Bremnerlib: update documentation for notmuch_database_get_dire...
2014-01-25 David Bremnerlib: make notmuch_threads_valid return FALSE when passe...
2014-01-18 Tomi Valkeinenlib: fix error handling
2014-01-18 Jani Nikulalib: fix clang compiler warning
2014-01-12 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-3'
2014-01-05 Jani Nikulalib: modify notmuch.h for automatic document generation
2013-12-07 Austin Clementslib: Bump library version from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0
2013-12-07 Austin Clementslib: Replace NOTMUCH_*_VERSION with LIBNOTMUCH_*_VERSION
2013-12-07 Austin Clementslib: Make VERSION macros agree with soname version
2013-11-27 David Bremnerutil: detect byte order
2013-11-25 David Bremnerlib: fix byte order test in libsha1.c
2013-11-20 Tomi Ollilacompact: improve error messages on failures after compa...
2013-11-20 Tomi Ollilacompact: unconditionally remove old wip database compac...
2013-11-20 Tomi Ollilacompact: preserve backup database until compacted datab...
2013-11-18 Tomi Ollilacompact: catch Xapian::Error consistently
2013-11-18 Tomi Ollilacompact: tidy formatting
2013-11-09 Austin Clementslib: Document extent of some return values
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: add library version check macro
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: use the compaction backup path provided by the...
2013-11-07 David Bremnerlib: update documentation of callback functions for...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: add closure parameter to compact status update...
2013-11-07 Jani Nikulalib: do not leak the database in compaction
2013-11-06 Jani Nikulalib: check talloc success in compact
2013-11-06 Jani Nikulalib: construct compactor within try block to catch...
2013-11-02 Felipe Contrerasquery: bind queries to database objects
2013-10-31 Jani Nikulalib: fix build on !HAVE_XAPIAN_COMPACT
2013-10-10 Ben Gamaridatabase: Add notmuch_database_compact_close
2013-09-14 Jani Nikulalib/cli: pass GMIME_ENABLE_RFC2047_WORKAROUNDS to g_mim...
2013-09-03 Louis Rillingtags_to_maildir_flags: Don't rename if no flags change
2013-09-01 Jani Nikulalib: fix clang build
2013-08-13 Austin Clementslib: Document which strings are returned in UTF-8
2013-08-13 Austin Clementslib: Correct out-of-date doc comment
2013-06-25 Mark Walterslib: add NOTMUCH_EXCLUDE_FLAG to notmuch_exclude_t
2013-06-08 Tomi Ollilacli: Guard deprecated g_type_init calls
2013-05-26 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-05-14 Mark Walterslib: add --exclude=all option
2013-05-14 Aaron Ecaylib/database.cc: change how the parent of a message...
2013-05-04 Vladimir Mareklib/message.cc: stale pointer bug (v3)
2013-03-29 Adam Wolfe Gordonlib: Fix name reordering to handle commas without spaces
2013-02-19 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-02-19 Austin Clementslib: Add an iterator over all messages in a thread
2013-02-19 Austin Clementslib: Eliminate _notmuch_message_list_append
2013-02-19 Austin Clementslib: Separate list of all messages from top-level messages
2013-02-19 Austin Clementslib: Clean up error handling in _notmuch_thread_create
2013-02-16 Robert Mastbitmap:improve memory usage using CHAR_BITS and unsigne...
2013-01-29 Amadeusz Żołnowskilib/Makefile.local: depend on libs we are linking with
2013-01-25 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2013-01-22 Amadeusz Żołnowskilib/Makefile.local: depend on libs we are linking with
2012-12-24 David Bremner_notmuch_message_index_file: unref (free) address lists...
2012-12-24 Tomi Ollilalib/message-file.c: use g_malloc () & g_free () in...
2012-12-01 Jani Nikulalib: fix warnings when building with clang
2012-11-27 Austin Clementslib: Reject multi-message mboxes and deprecate single...
2012-10-31 Jani Nikulalib: add date range query support
2012-10-31 Jani Nikulabuild: build parse-time-string as part of the notmuch...