2019-03-19 David Bremnerdoc/build: use $(MAKE) instead of make
2019-03-12 Luis ResselAdd a configure flag to disable rpaths
2019-03-12 David Bremnerbuild: sign tarball instead of sha256sum
2019-03-12 David Bremnerutil: make remaining headers includable from C++
2019-03-12 Luis ResselPrepend regerror() messages with "regexp error: "
2019-03-12 Luis Resseltest/T030-config: Separate stdout and stderr output
2019-03-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-03-06 David Bremnertravis: switch to xenial build env
2019-03-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-03-05 David BremnerDeclare fast forward from 0.28.2-1 archive/debian/0.28.3-1 debian/0.28.3-1
2019-03-06 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.28.3-1 0.28.3
2019-03-06 David BremnerNEWS for 0.28.3
2019-03-06 David Bremnerbump version to 0.28.3
2019-03-06 David Bremnerdoc: sequentialize calls to sphinx-build
2019-03-06 David Bremnerlib/string_map: fix return type of string_cmp
2019-03-06 David Bremnerlib: Add known broken test for string_map binary search.
2019-02-21 Vincent Apython: fix get_property error when property doesn...
2019-02-21 Matt ArmstrongEmacs: bind "g" to 'notuch-refresh-this-buffer
2019-02-17 David BremnerMerge tag '0.28.2'
2019-02-17 David Bremnerbump version 0.28.2 debian/0.28.2-1
2019-02-17 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.28.2-1
2019-02-17 David BremnerNEWS for 0.28.2
2019-02-17 David BremnerRecord notmuch (0.28.2-1) in archive suite sid
2019-02-17 David Bremnernotmuch (0.28.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
2019-02-17 David BremnerImport notmuch_0.28.2.orig.tar.gz
2019-02-17 David BremnerImport notmuch_0.28.2-1.debian.tar.xz
2019-02-16 Jani Nikulapython: fix threads.__str__ automethod documentation
2019-02-16 Jani Nikulapython: fix documentation title underline
2019-02-16 Jani Nikulapython: fix documentation build with python 3.7
2019-02-10 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-02-10 Daniel Kahn... emacs: Invoke gpg with --batch and --no-tty
2019-02-01 David BremnerMerge tag '0.28.1'
2019-02-01 David Bremnerbump copyright year 0.28.1 archive/debian/0.28.1-1 debian/0.28.1-1
2019-02-01 David Bremnerupdate version to 0.28.1
2019-02-01 David Bremnerchangelog for 0.28.1-1
2019-02-01 David BremnerNEWS for bash related configuration change
2019-02-01 David BremnerDebian: use new variable to force bash location
2019-02-01 David Bremnerconfigure: don't use special variable BASH
2019-01-30 David Bremneremacs: use ".ps" suffix for PostScript temporary files.
2019-01-27 Peter Wangdoc: fix references to search.exclude_tags
2019-01-26 Tomi Ollilaconfigure: check that the version of emacs we may have...
2019-01-26 rhndocs: Use correct call to notmuch_query_search_threads...
2019-01-26 rhntest: Check for replies obeying lifetime guarantees
2019-01-26 rhnlib: Explicitly state when replies will be destroyed
2018-12-20 David Bremnerdoc: make man pages depend on emacs docstrings
2018-12-08 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: document notmuch-cycle-notmuch-buffers
2018-12-08 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: document notmuch-poll*
2018-12-08 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: document notmuch-tagging-keys
2018-12-08 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: document notmuch-message-headers*
2018-12-08 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add documentation for stashing 'c X' bindings
2018-12-08 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: require extracted docstrings for sphinx...
2018-12-08 David Bremneremacs: build docstring (rsti) files
2018-12-08 David Bremneremacs: initial version of rstdoc.el
2018-12-07 David Edmondsonreply: Include sender as recipient if they were the...
2018-12-07 William Casarinemacs: filter tag completions by current query
2018-11-24 Maxime Costecli: notmuch show support for --include-html with ...
2018-11-24 Maxime Costecli: notmuch show support for --body=false with --forma...
2018-10-21 David Bremneremacs: escape quote in docstring
2018-10-21 David Bremneremacs: require notmuch-lib from notmuch-wash.el
2018-10-21 Daniel Kahn... Avoid spurious gcc warning in debugger.c
2018-10-21 Daniel Kahn... index: explicitly follow GObject conventions
2018-10-13 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.28-2'
2018-10-12 David Bremnerdebian: override location of bash archive/debian/0.28-2 debian/0.28-2
2018-10-12 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.28 0.28 archive/debian/0.28-1 debian/0.28-1
2018-10-12 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for 0.28-1
2018-10-12 David BremnerNEWS: NEWS for 0.28
2018-10-08 David Edmondsonemacs: Update integration with third party packages.
2018-10-08 Daniel Kahn... test: git should ignore message-id-parse
2018-10-03 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.28~rc0-1 0.28_rc0 debian/0.28_rc0-1
2018-10-03 David BremnerNEWS: start NEWS for 0.28
2018-10-03 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.28~rc0
2018-10-03 David Bremnerdebian: update zsh completion installation
2018-10-03 Vincent Breitmosercompletion: more complete completion for zsh.
2018-09-28 David Edmondsonemacs: Call `notmuch-mua-send-hook' hooks when sending...
2018-09-28 David Edmondsontest: Check that `notmuch-mua-send-hook' is called...
2018-09-20 Vincent Breitmoserpython: fix unchecked None access in get_property
2018-09-18 David Bremnerdebian: update notmuch-mutt packaging to use install...
2018-09-18 David Bremnerdebian: bump compat level to 11
2018-09-18 David Bremnercontrib/notmuch-mutt: add install target
2018-09-18 David Bremnerconfigure: absolute path of perl
2018-09-18 David Bremnerbuild: install notmuch-emacs-mua with absolute shebang
2018-09-18 David Bremnerconfigure: absolute path of bash
2018-09-14 David Bremnertest: make regexp test conditional on field processors
2018-09-14 David Bremnertest: mark thread subqueries broken without field proce...
2018-09-14 David Bremnerdebian: add tar-ignore=.git
2018-09-09 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.27-3'
2018-09-09 David Bremnerdebian: drop argument-less tar-ignore archive/debian/0.27-3 debian/0.27-3
2018-09-08 David Edmondsontest: Absolute and relative directory paths.
2018-09-08 David Edmondsonnotmuch: Database paths without a leading / are relativ...
2018-09-08 David BremnerDeclare fast forward from 0.27-2
2018-09-09 David Bremnerdebian: add unversioned emacs, drop emacs23
2018-09-09 David Bremnerdebian: update Vcs-Git URL
2018-09-06 David Bremnerlib: change parent strategy to use In-Reply-To if it...
2018-09-06 David Bremnerlib: add _notmuch_message_id_parse_strict
2018-09-06 David Bremnerutil/string-util: export skip_space
2018-09-06 David Bremnertest/thread-replies: mangle In-Reply-To's
2018-09-06 David Bremnertest: add known broken test for good In-Reply-To /...
2018-09-06 David Bremnerlib/thread: change _resolve_thread_relationships to...
2018-09-06 David Bremnerlib/thread: rewrite _parent_or_toplevel to use depths
2018-09-06 David Bremnerlib: calculate message depth in thread