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2011-09-24 Ali Polatelruby: Wrap notmuch_database_{begin,end}_atomic
2011-09-24 Ali Polatelruby: Rename destroy to destroy!
2011-09-24 Austin Clementslib: Remove message document directly after removing...
2011-09-24 Austin Clementslib: Indicate if there are more filenames after removal.
2011-09-24 Austin Clementslib: Add support for nested atomic sections.
2011-09-24 Austin Clementslib: Add notmuch_database_{begin,end}_atomic.
2011-09-24 Austin Clementsnew: Defer updating directory mtimes until the end.
2011-09-16 Martin Owenspython: Ensure that we pass utf-8 encoded string to...
2011-09-14 Austin Clementsnew: Don't lose messages on SIGINT.
2011-09-13 David Bremnertest: use test_expect_equal_file in atomicity
2011-09-13 David Bremnertest: Convert atomicity test to use test_subtest_known_...
2011-09-13 Austin Clementstest: Test atomicity of notmuch new.
2011-09-13 Austin Clementslib: Add missing status check in _notmuch_message_remov...
2011-09-13 Austin Clementstest: Report test failures from test_expect_*
2011-09-13 Austin Clementstest: Fix message when skipping test_expect_equal*...
2011-09-13 David Bremnertest: reset test_subtest_known_broken_ after each succe...
2011-09-10 Aaron EcayAdd missing call to g_type_init()
2011-09-10 David Bremnertest: mark multipart rfc822 part test as broken
2011-09-10 David Bremnertest: remove documentation for test_expect_equal_failure.
2011-09-10 Dmitry Kurochkintest: add emacs test for hiding a message following...
2011-09-10 Dmitry Kurochkintest: improve known broken tests support
2011-09-10 Dmitry Kurochkintest: update documentation for test_emacs in test/README
2011-09-10 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-09-10 David Bremnerupdate date in NEWS to better approximate real release... 0.8
2011-09-10 David Bremnerdebian: update changelog for 0.8
2011-09-10 David Bremnerupdate versions for release 0.8
2011-09-10 David BremnerNEWS: add blurb for python bindings changes
2011-09-09 David Bremneradd news item for ruby
2011-09-08 David BremnerNEWS: add item for build system fixes
2011-09-07 Jameson Graef... Do not attempt to output part raw if part is not GMimePart.
2011-09-07 David Bremnerupdate versions for release candidate 0.8_rc1
2011-09-06 Jameson Graef... Add NEWS item output improvements to rfc822 part handling.
2011-09-06 Jameson Graef... emacs: Improve support for message/rfc822 parts. 0.8_rc0
2011-09-06 Jameson Graef... Improve handling of message/rfc822 parts by adding...
2011-09-06 Jameson Graef... test: overhaul multipart test to test for improved...
2011-09-05 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch 'master' of ssh://notmuchmail.org/git...
2011-09-05 Sebastian Spaethpython: Make Database take unicode paths
2011-09-05 Jameson Graef... test: Fix date in test message in multipart test.
2011-09-05 Jameson Graef... test: some small fixes to multipart test
2011-09-05 David Bremnerbuild system: Check that python bindings have consisten...
2011-09-05 David Bremnerlib/gen-version-script.h: add getline and getdelim...
2011-09-05 David Bremnerlib/gen-version-script.sh: replace --defined argument...
2011-08-25 Tomi Ollilafix checking whether header is member of message-hidden...
2011-08-24 Sebastian Spaethpython: Have setup.py read the version number without...
2011-08-24 Sebastian Spaethpython: Updated development status and wording in setup.py
2011-08-24 Sebastian SpaethRevert "python: Simplify setup.py"
2011-08-23 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch 'master' of ssh://notmuchmail.org/git...
2011-08-23 Sebastian Spaethpython: Simplify setup.py
2011-08-21 David Bremnerre-enable notmuch.sym generation using POSIX sed
2011-08-17 pazzpython: Fix unsafe utf-8 decodings
2011-08-15 patrickdecode headers from utf-8 to unicode
2011-08-09 Sebastian Spaethpython: remove Tags().__len__() implementation
2011-08-09 Sebastian Spaethpython: Do explicitly check if the next tag exists
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for __init__.py
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for thread.py
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for tag.py
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for globals.py
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for filename.py
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for database.py
2011-08-09 pazzpython: pep8 compliance for message.py
2011-08-09 Sebastian Spaethpython: Really throw an error if search_threads() fails
2011-08-09 Cedric Cabessapython: Fix copy'n paste typo
2011-08-01 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2011-08-01 David Bremnerdebian: new changelog stanza for 0.7 0.7 debian/0.7-1
2011-08-01 David Bremnerupdate NEWS for 0.7
2011-08-01 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.7
2011-07-29 David BremnerRevert "debian: Generate version from debian/changelog" 0.7_rc1 debian/0.7_rc1-1
2011-07-29 David Bremnerbuild-system: Add pre-release target
2011-07-29 David Bremnerbump upstream version to 0.7~rc1
2011-07-29 David Bremnerdebian: changelog stanza for release candiate
2011-07-29 Ali Polatelruby: Fix typo in documentation
2011-07-29 Ali Polatelruby: Remove the split file hack from rdoc.sh
2011-07-29 Ali Polatelruby: Add markers to method definitions to help rdoc
2011-07-29 Ali Polatelruby: Document remaining undocumented constants
2011-07-29 Ali Polatelruby: Document constants and exceptions right before...
2011-07-29 Ali Polatelruby: Add list of classes to main documentation
2011-07-21 Thomas Jostlibnotmuch: only build symbols list after the modules...
2011-07-18 David BremnerMerge commit '0.6.1'
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: tag debian-version as part of the release... 0.6.1
2011-07-17 David Bremnerdebian: use 3.0 (quilt) source format.
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: update version check to support non-nativ...
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: guard parts irrevokable parts of release...
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: use signed tag to make tar file, if avail...
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: tag earlier in the release process.
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: remove use of git-buildpackage, dput...
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: run make clean before testing.
2011-07-17 David Bremnerbuild-system: replace use of ssh with wget for checking...
2011-07-17 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.6.1
2011-07-17 David Bremnerupdate NEWS and debian/changelog for 0.6.1
2011-07-17 David Bremnerdebian: use a non-native version number.
2011-07-17 David Bremnerdebian: add (demangled) Xapian exception typeinfo symbo...
2011-07-17 David Bremnerlibnotmuch: export Xapian typeinfo symbols
2011-07-16 Jason Woofendenvim: fix citation/signature fold lengths
2011-07-16 Jason Woofendenvim: fix (hack) cig/cit parsing within multipart/*
2011-07-16 Jason Woofendenvim: fix on-screen instructions for show-signature
2011-07-16 Jason Woofendenvim: fix from list reformatting in search view
2011-07-16 Jason Woofendenvim: fix space key: now archives (did opposite)
2011-07-16 Uwe Kleine... vim: use the full path for sendmail
2011-07-16 Uwe Kleine... vim: skip trailing slash for g:notmuch_compose_temp_fil...
2011-07-16 Uwe Kleine... vim: fix documentation that mailx isn't used anymore