2019-07-21 David BremnerMerge branch 'debian/unstable' into release
2019-07-21 David Bremnerdebian: Changelog for re-upload to unstable debian/unstable archive/debian/0.29.1-2 debian/0.29.1-2
2019-06-17 Ralph Seichterconfigure: fix mktemp call for macOS
2019-06-11 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.29.1-1 0.29.1 archive/debian/0.29.1-1 debian/0.29.1-1
2019-06-11 David BremnerNEWS: news for 0.29.1
2019-06-11 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.29.1
2019-06-11 David Bremnerdoc: Don't install emacs docs when they are not built
2019-06-11 David Bremnerdoc: don't build for configure ...
2019-06-07 David Bremnerdebian: fix desktop install archive/debian/0.29-2 debian/0.29-2
2019-06-07 David Bremnerdebian: install desktop file 0.29 debian/0.29-1
2019-06-07 David BremnerNEWS: set release date for 0.29
2019-06-07 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.29
2019-06-07 David Bremnerdebian: start changelog for 0.29-1
2019-06-07 David Bremnerdebian: install logo
2019-06-07 David BremnerNEWS: add Emacs front end changes by various people.
2019-06-03 Daniel Kahn... NEWS: add a note about protected headers
2019-06-03 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.29~rc1-1 0.29_rc1 archive/debian/0.29_rc1-1 debian/0.29_rc1-1
2019-06-03 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.29~rc1
2019-06-03 David Bremnerdoc: use separate doctrees for distinct builders
2019-05-31 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.29~rc0-1 0.29_rc0 archive/debian/0.29_rc0-1 debian/0.29_rc0-1
2019-05-31 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.29~rc0
2019-05-31 Daniel Kahn... mime-node: be clearer about decryption
2019-05-29 David Bremnertest: update test description.
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... cli/reply: pull proposed subject line from the message...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: reply (in cli and emacs) should protect indexed...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: emacs/show: ensure that protected headers appear...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: ensure that protected headers appear in notmuch...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: try indexing nested messages and protected headers
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: after reindexing, only legitimate protected subje...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: protected headers should work when both encrypted...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... indexing: record protected subject when indexing cleartext
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... cli/reply: ensure encrypted Subject: line does not...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: show cryptographic envelope information for signe...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... test: add test for missing external subject
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... cli/show: add information about which headers were...
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... cli/show: emit payload subject instead of outside subject
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... cli/show: add tests for viewing protected headers
2019-05-29 Jameson Graef... test: new test framework to compare json parts
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... util/crypto: add information about the payload part
2019-05-29 Daniel Kahn... cli/show: emit headers after emitting body
2019-05-28 Daniel Kahn... NEWS: note parallel test suite
2019-05-28 Daniel Kahn... NEWS: include information about per-message cryptograph...
2019-05-28 David BremnerNEWS: News for my changes for 0.29
2019-05-26 Daniel Kahn... test: report summary even when aborting
2019-05-26 Tomi OllilaNEWS: The minimum supported major version of Emacs...
2019-05-26 Daniel Kahn... cli/show: emit new whole-message crypto status output
2019-05-26 Daniel Kahn... mime-node: track whole-message crypto state while walki...
2019-05-26 Daniel Kahn... cli: expose message-wide crypto status from mime-node
2019-05-26 Daniel Kahn... util/crypto: _notmuch_message_crypto: tracks message...
2019-05-25 Daniel Kahn... emacs: Drop content-free "Unknown signature status...
2019-05-25 Daniel Kahn... test: allow disabling timeout with NOTMUCH_TEST_TIMEOUT=0
2019-05-25 David Bremnerdoc: document user header indexing.
2019-05-25 David Bremnerlib/database: index user headers.
2019-05-25 David Bremnerlib: support user prefix names in term generation
2019-05-25 David Bremnerlib: cache user prefixes in database object
2019-05-25 David Bremnerlib: setup user headers in query parser
2019-05-25 David Bremnercli/config: check syntax of user configured field names
2019-05-25 David Bremnercli/config: support user header index config
2019-05-25 David Bremnercli/config: refactor _stored_in_db
2019-05-25 David Bremnerutil: add unicode_word_utf8
2019-05-23 Leo Vivieremacs: make notmuch-search-interactive-region obsolete
2019-05-23 David Bremnern_m_remove_indexed_terms: reduce number of Xapian API...
2019-05-23 Tomi colors to test output when parallel(1...
2019-05-23 Tomi "tidied" emacs_deliver_message ()
2019-05-22 Tomi Ollilatest: redirect STDIN from /dev/null
2019-05-20 Daniel Kahn... configure: make _check_session_keys work with an as...
2019-05-20 Daniel Kahn... configure: handle TEMP_GPG more robustly
2019-05-20 Daniel Kahn... configure: better error handling on session key check.
2019-05-20 David Bremnertest/emacs: revert invalid-from test to pre-86f89385...
2019-05-20 Daniel Kahn... configure: Ensure that GMime can extract session keys
2019-05-20 Daniel Kahn... tests: fail and report when a parallel build fails...
2019-05-20 Daniel Kahn... tests: make timeout configurable with NOTMUCH_TEST_TIME...
2019-05-10 Daniel Kahn... test: show what emacs sees of an encrypted message...
2019-05-10 David Bremnerlib/message-file: close stream in destructor
2019-05-10 Daniel Kahn... test: avoid unnecessary extraction of the test fingerprint
2019-05-10 David Bremnertest: let the OS choose a port for smtp-dummy
2019-05-10 Daniel Kahn... emacs: test notmuch-show during message decryption
2019-05-07 Jameson Graef... tests: environment variable to specify that tests shoul...
2019-05-07 Jameson Graef... tests: run all tests in parallel, if available
2019-05-07 Jameson Graef... tests: remove entangling corpus index optimization
2019-05-07 Jameson Graef... tests: remove some redundant pre-cleanup of the corpus...
2019-05-07 Daniel Kahn... test/crypto: add_gnupg_home should have ultimate trust...
2019-05-07 Daniel Kahn... test: simplify user ID handling
2019-05-07 Daniel Kahn... test/crypto: clarify the difference between ownertrust...
2019-05-07 Daniel Kahn... util/crypto: improve comment
2019-05-07 Daniel Kahn... emacs: drop use of message-default-charset
2019-05-07 Pierre Neidhardtemacs: Move notmuch-search-interactive-region to notmuc...
2019-05-06 Daniel Kahn... travis: use ppa:notmuch/notmuch
2019-05-05 David BremnerMerge tag 0.28.4
2019-05-05 David Bremnerdebian: changelog for 0.28.4-1 0.28.4 archive/debian/0.28.4-1 debian/0.28.4-1
2019-05-05 David Bremnerversion: bump to 0.28.4
2019-05-05 David BremnerNEWS: NEWS for 0.28.4
2019-05-05 David Bremnercli/show: avoid empty write to stdout in format_part_raw
2019-05-03 David Bremnercli/notmuch-show: support gzipped files
2019-05-03 David Bremnerlib/message_file: open gzipped files
2019-05-03 David Bremnerutil/gmime-extra: add g_mime_stream_gzfile_{new, open}
2019-05-03 David Bremnertravis: bump gmime depends to 3.0
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn... gmime-cleanup: no longer need to use GMime major versio...
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn... gmime-cleanup: pass NULL as default GMimeParserOptions
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn... gmime-cleanup: pass NULL arguments explicitly where...